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Palermo Airport PMO Sicily Italy

Palermo Airport PMO Sicily Italy

Palermo airport is the International gateway into West Sicily. Please also consider flying in to Trapani airport (TPS) for visiting West Sicily (45 mins from PMO), now serviced by Ryanair from over 25 destinations. Catania airport is great for the Sicilian east coast. (3 hours drive from PMO). All 3 airports are in Sicily if you are looking for nearest airport to Sicily.

Flights to PMO from Germany by AirBerlin

Follows a brief introduction to PMO to help you with your onward travels. Read the rest of this entry »

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Salemi Tibet capital in Italy, Dolma Gyari

Salemi Tibet capital in Italy, Dolma Gyari

Salemi has already been titled the first Tibetan capital in Italy, by Sgarbi. A Tibetan flag flies outside the Salemi council offices.

Recently the Salemi executive Graziano Cecchini held a exhibition of his visit to Tibet.

To highlight the democratic issues in Tibet on April 25th 2009 the deputy of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, Mrs Dolma Gyari, as part of her tour in Italy to promote democratic culture, will attend a press conference in the castle of Salemi at 5pm.

For further details visit the Central Tibetan Administration website.

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В Сицилии продают дома за 1 евро

В Сицилии продают дома за 1 евро

Небольшой городок Салеми в Сицилии придумал революционное решение своих проблем с недвижимостью: власти выставили на продажу дома по цене 1 евро. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sgarbi Salemi Sicily Italy

Sgarbi Salemi

Today saw an article about the mayor of Salemi Sicily in the LA Times. He is an amazing guy that manages to get in the press across the whole world, whilst promoting Salemi Sicily.

You can find further details about Salemi, Sgarbi, Sicily and the 1 euro property development offer here in this blog.

Click on the right the “select postings by category” called “Salemi, Sicily, Italy” to read recent posts OR visit the following website for local information about Salemi.

If you wish to register for one of the 1 euro properties then follow this link Salemi

Interestingly Moss Italian Property Consultants  hosted some clients in Salemi from New York today who viewed many of the 1 euro property in Salemi and other interesting properties in Salemi. They are interested in opening a sicilain culinary school here. If you have any intersting ideas for Salemi we would like to hear from you. Click “EMAIL MIPC” at the top of this page to request more information about Salemi or to send us your business proposals.

MIPC is organising MIPC Discovering Salemi trips for you to come and visit Salemi. Find further details at MIPC Discovering Salemi

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Italy culture week italian museum galleries churches free cheap

Italy culture week.

Every year, for the last 30, the Italian cultural department dedicates a week to promoting cultural tourist attractions in Italy, by organising events and free entry to all state run italian tourist sites.

This year the cultural week in Italy runs from the 18th April to the 26th April 2009, in its 11th edition with the brand “Settimana della Cultura” translated as “Culture Week”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Good Friday Sicily Italy Easter in Trapani

Italy Good Friday, Easter.

I spent good friday working in Palermo, sourcing italian properties in sicily. I was amazed to see so many local italians at work. The town centre was full of tourists as the good friday procession brought the traffic to a grinding halt. Driving in Palermo down town is to say the least entertaining and dangerous. I viewed a beautiful classic 400 square metre appartment right on Piazza Marina Palermo. If anyone wants further details please contact MIPC directly.

Also managed to get to Cefalu and view the famous writer artist witch culturist (do you know him?) Aleisteir Crowley’s house…interesting project. Read the rest of this entry »

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Earthquake Abruzzo Aquila Italy Emergency Helpline numbers

Earthquake Abruzzo Aquila Italy Emergency Helpline numbers :

Eartquake Italy Abruzzo Aquila International donation details

Rome 21:15pm 8th April 2009

I’ve managed to get contact details to where you can send a request to find out if your loved ones are still with us.

The Italian Protezione Civile have a list of identified persons who have died in the earthquake.

They also have a database of people whom have self declared that they are alive.

If your relatives have not declared they are alive nor or on the list of mortalities then there is the highly unprobable possibility that they are 1 of the 15 mortalities still not identified. (latest total deaths 272)

When you contact the Italian Civil Protection you must provide

  • your name
  • your contact details ; address/telephone or email
  • the fullname of the person you are looking for
  • the address where the person you are looking for lived.

You can call directly the Italian Civil Protection on 0039 0862 361255  They do speak a little english, but for communication reasons it may be better that you email them with the same above details to

Please be patient for a reply. They guarantee that they will reply to everyone.


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Earthquake Italy L’Aquila Abruzzo update Terremoto Abruzzo

Earthquake Italy Aquila Abruzzo Italian Terremoto

Read personal moving stories and detailed village damage in the comments of another blog posting here

BREAKING NEWS: L’Aquila 7th April 2009 19:45

Another earthquake 5.7 Richter

LATEST NEWS: Rome: 7th April 2009 11:30am

· E  Earthquake strikes again : 11:20am local time today Tuesday another strong earthquake brings back panic as the earth continues to tremor.

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If you are looking for information on family or friends whom you may believe have been lost in the Abruzzo Earthquake in Italy then the best contact is the Abruzzo Civil Protection which can be reached on +39 800 861016 or +39 800 860146.(the repeated single ring tone means engaged) Their head office can be reached on +39 06 68201 (there is a long waiting queue.)

Abruzzo Earthquake in Aquila Italy Update:

Aquila one day after the Earthquake Abruzzo (click to read and view comments with very moving stories and detailed information about specific village damage) central Italy is coming to terms with the shocking volume of mortalities and casualties.

  • · 228 deaths just announced by the Italian president SIlvio Berlusconi.
  • · 15 missing
  • · 1500 injured, many transferred to Rome hospitals
  • · 17,000 people didn’t sleep in their Italian house last night and atayed in local hotels in Adriatic coast or in local Italian B&B, temporary campsites and even in the Aquila rugby stadium emergency camp. If you have friends in Aquila who need a place to sleep tell them to call the Italian “numero verde” green number helpline on 800-861-016 and they will be advised where to go and sleep and get some hot food and water.

Earthquake Aquila discussion : (post your thoughts)

How and why was this earthquake not foreseen ? As in many other parts of the world.

In California “The Big One” is planned for with emergency strategies already in place.

This whole affair makes Italy appear like a third world country. Communication to families and friends is very limited. International announcements don’t exist. If this had happened anywhere else in the world there would be an official “Earthquake Fund”, government t funds would have been allocated exclusively to the tragedy, a website with official information would exist. Instead in true Italian style its organised mayhem.

Everyone is pulling together and doing their best, and thanks to them. Berlusconi famous for his international gaffs has even officially announced “Italy has its own funds to allocate to this tragedy, we don’t need international funds we can do it alone”, what is he on about ? Everyone wants to help, organise international aid straight away and get things sorted asap. His answer is to allocate 30million Euros, does he really think that rebuild the houses, the economy, the moral ???

Unfortunately there is always the horrible side to these disasters as people have been reported looting the abandoned houses.

Earthquake Italy Official news.

Still there is no Italy earthquake official website with accurate information and instructions about how to find out if loved ones are amongst the dead. When this is announced I will post that here. Meanwhile try the numbers at the top for the helpline though they are very busy.

Earthquake Abruzzo Italy official donations.

Charities and websites are popping up from everywhere organising Italian earthquake donation funds. Please be aware of the scams.

Here is a list of some of the official Abruzzo earthquake donation methods either on line or over the phone.

Local Italians are helping by offering accommodation to the homeless, blood donations, food offers and general assistance.

If you own a house in Italy, Abruzzo you can offer you beds to the homeless by calling +39 0854-308-309

Considering your distance the best help you can offer is to make a donation to Italian Earthquake.

In America you can donate directly through the “National Italian American Foundation” at NIAF.

Or donate directly to various Italian Charities :


IBAN: IT13R0306905032000009188568

Account name : Caritas Italiana

Reference : “Terremoto Abruzzo

Italian Red Cross :

IBAN : IT66 – C010 0503 3820 0000 0218020

Bank : Banca Nazionale di Lavoro (BNL)

Reference “Pro terremoto Abruzzo”or online at


Abruzzo Regional council:

IBAN : IT69L0300215300000410000000

Bank : Unicredit Banca di Roma

Reference : Regione Abruzzo – donazione per il sisma (translated means Abruzzo regional council – donations for earthquake)

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Salemi 1 euro house Sicily

EARTHQUAKE Aquila Abruzzo Rome Italy Terremoto Abruzzo Aquilla

EARTHQUAKE Aquila Abruzzo Rome Italy

Follow this link to read our update from today 7th April about the Earthquake Abruzzo.

Earthquake Abruzzo Aquila Italy Emergency Helpline numbers CALL NOW to find relatives

The are some very moving stories in the comments (see end) of this blog and some detailed information about specific damage to certain villages near Aquila.

Italian Earthquake Abruzzo Official Donations website is the Italian Charity Caritas Italiana. see below.

  • 150 reported dead
  • 1500 injured
  • 10,000 buildings affected
  • 50,000 people affected
  • Aquilla is the mountainous region 50 miles North East of Rome. Rome not affected
  • Epicentre at Tornimparte, Abruzzo.
  • International help from Russia / France / Greece has been offered.
  • Berlusconi cancels his trip to Russia to visit Aquila.
  • Reports that last week an earthquake expert raised the alarm and was ignored.
  • Aquila hospital suffered. First Aid been delivered to casualties in the street.
  • Aftershock smaller tremours making rescue dangerous.
  • No official casualty list yet, nor helplines. Please be patient if you are looking for loved ones. Will publish when available.
  • Theres a good map of the locations suffered in the earthquake here thanks to ANSA. Click the small map at the bottom of their page to see in detail.
  • Remember its the older towns that really suffered, though there are cases of some modern buildings that have collapsed.

Italian Earthquake Abruzzo Official Donations website is the Italian Charity Caritas Italiana.

If this blog has been useful to you then social bookmark it or link to it to help others find it quicker.

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