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The Italian automobile car industry. Surviving the recession.

The Italian automobile car industry. Surviving the recession.

Last year 2008 Italy appeared to be surviving the global recession. Life continued as normal with only a few cut backs over xmas. No Italian banks have gone bankrupt, Italian mortgage interest rate was capped at 4% for variable interest rate Italian mortgages.

The air has changed since the start of 2009. The global automobile recession has now arrived in Italy. The industry contributes 11.5% to the Italian GDP Read the rest of this entry »

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Bergamo airport (BGY) : The Terminal

Bergamo airport (BGY) to and from Bergamo city centre, Italy.

Day to day inside information about Bergamo airport in Northern Italy.

Bergamo airport is also known amongst the budget airlines (Ryanair etc) as Milano Orio al Serio. It is 1 hour east of Milan. This is NOT Milan. If you wish to fly to Milan i would recommend going to Milan Linate airport, 20 minutes from Milan city centre. The other milan airport Malpensa is also 1 hour away (north) from milan city centre, its difficult to get to (buses only) so its probably better to travel to BGY as it has a better infrastructure network and you can visit Bergamo “alta” in your travels.

The following article is very informative and useful for anyone travelling to BGY and having to organise onward travel. Click to…. Read the rest of this entry »

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Baglio Basile, Trapani Sicily

MIPC hosted a Russian family this weekend in Salemi. After viewing many italian properties in Salemi, lo Scopello, Castellamare del Golfo and Erice the family needed a rest. I recommended Baglio Basile near Mazara del Vallo in Trapani Sicily.
Baglio Basile is a four star hotel with beauty farm and spa. The russians buying italian property in Sicily were very satisfied by the quality of service and highly recommend it. Visit their website 4 star hotel and beauty farm in South West Sicily.

View other MIPC travel in sicily recommendations by clicking “LINKS” at the top of this page and look at the “Travel in Sicily” section.

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Superenalotto results Italy

Saturday 31/01/09 or 01/31/09 italian lottery results.

draw number 14 /2009

1-3-8-38-83-88 & jolly 16

Thursday 29/01/09 or 01/29/09 italian lottery results

draw number 13 / 2009

27-32-55-65-76-86  jolly 80

Saturday 31st January 2009 jackpot is now upto E40M

Tuesday 27/01/09 or 01/27/09 italian lottery results

draw number 12 / 2009

20-31-44-51-65-74 jolly 71

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Beckham first goal Milan v Bologna Italy

David Beckham scored his first goal in the Italian seria A football league for AC Milan v Bologna today Sunday 25/01/09 also 01/25/09. The final result was 4 -1 to Milan and… Read the rest of this entry »

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Salemi Sgarbi BBC reality TV coppia inglese english couple Fattoria

Salemi, Sgarbi, BBC and Italian property are back in the news again.

Visit the new website exclusively about Salemi and how to apply for the 1 euro house in Salemi.

Mr Vittorio Sgarbi italian art critic and mayor of Salemi in Sicily has refused a place on the Italian reality TV show Fattoria edition number 4, turning down a potential two 2 million euro deal, time in Brazil (where it is filmed) and the chance of staring with his ex Elenoire Casalegno. This has triggered big news in Italy as it has also been made public that the BBC are to film a TV reality show about an english couple who are to buy a 1 euro italian property in Salemi Sicily. The mayor will star on the BBC reality show but not the Italian one.
The BBC have subcontracted this documentary about Salemi to an English TV production company. If you would like to take part in the reality Read the rest of this entry »

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The Vatican Pope Benedict XVI Rome live on You Tube

The Vatican have caught up with the modern times. The Pope Benedict XVI , has launced a You tube video channel.

By 1630 GMT, had drawn a total of 14,606 views and signed up just 528 subscribers to what the Holy See describes as “the Catholic Church’s position regarding the principal issues of the world today.”
The channel, which was to be updated regularly with daily offerings on the the main activities of the pontiff and other Vatican events, lagged way down the list of popular YouTube videos.
The Holy See already runs a website, TV channel, and radio station, but the deal with YouTube owner Google was aimed to “secure the Pope’s presence on the web,” Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano said Thursday.

Pope Benedict XVI’s launch of a Vatican channel on global video-sharing website YouTube fell on slightly deaf ears today Friday 23rd January 2009.

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Italian Superenalotto results

Italian Superenalotto results

Clicca qui per i risultati del superenalotto.

This page is old but high in google search results….To learn how to play the superenalotto in Italy or view recent results follow this link to

Italian Superenalotto

Saturday 24/01/09 or USA 01/24/09
Italian lottery results for extration 11/09
2-4-13-23-28-68 jolly 43

Thursday 22/01/09 or in states 01/22/09
Italian lottery results for concorso 10/09
1-2-40-52-62-82 jolly 23
No jackpot winner.

Saturday Jackpot estimated at 36 million euros.

Fancy playing ??? Click on the category “Italian superenalotto Lottery Italy” to the right and see other blogs on how to play NOW.

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Italian Property

Italy is in a lot better situation than many other countries, the bank system has held the financial tsunami and not a single bank has been recorded to be gone bankrupt. This s not only due to the tight method to issue mortgages hat Italian banks have always adopted but it’s mainly due to the good habit of the Italians of not getting into debt. The average debt value of Italians has increased in the last years but still doesn’t reach 50% of the available income whereas in the rest of Europe is about 100% with peaks in the UK of 160%.

Property prices in Italy haven’t drastically dropped and experts say that the prices will hold but still in this tough period you could easily find a really good deal from some seller who needs to sell his house quickly and this can only make Italy even more attractive for property investors.

Now you know the answer, buying a property in Italy is the best choice if you want to invest in a home overseas and this without even mentioning the climate, the food, the landscape and that you would love to use your investment to enjoy your holidays.

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Inter v Roma Final result Italian Cup ; Coppa Italia

Inter 2 Roma 1 final result in the quarter final of the coppa italia tonight at San Siro.

Salemi 1 euro house Sicily

Inter were the winners on the night, as the final result was 2-1, thanks to goals from Adriano and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which were enough to cancel out Rodrigo Taddei’s goal after the hour mark for Roma.

The Nerazzurri managed to book their spot in the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia.

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