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Italian Superenalotto results from today saturday 7/2/09 2/7/09 draw 17/09.
winning numbers : 8-23-58-61-76-79 jolly 90

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Italian Superenalotto results

Superenalotto Italy lottery results Today 3/2/09 or 2/3/09 (USA).
draw number 15 /2009
11-13-17-49-51-61 & jolly 8

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Superenalotto results Italy

Saturday 31/01/09 or 01/31/09 italian lottery results.

draw number 14 /2009

1-3-8-38-83-88 & jolly 16

Thursday 29/01/09 or 01/29/09 italian lottery results

draw number 13 / 2009

27-32-55-65-76-86  jolly 80

Saturday 31st January 2009 jackpot is now upto E40M

Tuesday 27/01/09 or 01/27/09 italian lottery results

draw number 12 / 2009

20-31-44-51-65-74 jolly 71

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Italian Superenalotto results

Italian Superenalotto results

Clicca qui per i risultati del superenalotto.

This page is old but high in google search results….To learn how to play the superenalotto in Italy or view recent results follow this link to

Italian Superenalotto

Saturday 24/01/09 or USA 01/24/09
Italian lottery results for extration 11/09
2-4-13-23-28-68 jolly 43

Thursday 22/01/09 or in states 01/22/09
Italian lottery results for concorso 10/09
1-2-40-52-62-82 jolly 23
No jackpot winner.

Saturday Jackpot estimated at 36 million euros.

Fancy playing ??? Click on the category “Italian superenalotto Lottery Italy” to the right and see other blogs on how to play NOW.

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Italian lottery 5 million euros first prize won in Rome.

Lottery tIcket number E 502242, bought in Rome, won the Italian lottery 2008 first prize of 5 million euros last night. 2nd prize for 3 million euros went to ticket number L 357404 bought in Ceccano, Florence.

Did you win ? Missed the chance to play ? Visit :
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Play Italian Superenalotto : Italy Lottery win 100 million prize.

On a more amusing and lighter note if you can’t afford to buy a house in Italy, you maybe interested in spending your 1 Euro not on an Italian property in Sicily but on the Italian national lottery, called superenalotto.

mipc - get a 1 euro house

There is currently lotto fever spreading the whole of Italy. The jackpot has not been won for the last six months, since April, and it has now rolled over to a big 100 million Euros. This is the largest lottery premium in Italian history.

Italian superenalotto is drawn every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Tuesday 21st, with a jackpot of 94.8 million Euros, saw no straight 6, so its rollover and the fever is boiling.

Queues are starting to form outside the lottery shops, people are spending their life savings, a consortium placed a combination bet worth 30,000 euros, everyone is talking lottery in Italy.

A consumer rights group Condacom has launched a legal battle against the national run lottery, demanding a maximum on the premium, and splitting the excess premium across the other national lottery games.

Saturday’s last draw saw over 100 million bets. With odds at 600 million to one you never know it could be your lucky day !!!

You have to select 6 numbers from 1 – 90.
If you fancy a go it costs 1 euro for 2 attempts.

Paypal me 2 euros (that’s a 1 euro admin fee for the ink and running back and forth to the shop) and I’ll place your bet for you. Email me your 2 sets of 6 numbers.
Applications open.

Terms and Conditions : if you win I take a 10% handling fee !!
The Italian state only actually pays you 60 days after you win with interest. So be patient ( I haven’t run off with your winnings !!) you’ll receive 100M + 200,000 interest less 10% = approx 90M Euros.

MIPC admin team.

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