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Italian SuperEnalotto 177 million jackpot

To play go here Play Italian SuperEnalotto.

Italian SuperEnalotto jackpot of 177 million euros was won Saturday 30th October here in Rome. The lucky set of 6 numbers was 4-26-40-54-55-67.

It appears it was won by a group of 70 people in a lottery syndicate each whom paid 24 euros for a total of 1680 euros playing over 500 combinations.

The Italian lottery jackpot returns to 45 millions for the next game on Tuesday. The italian superenalotto is played 3 times per week tuesday/thursday & saturday. To win the jackpot you need to select 6 numbers from 1-90. The odds of winning are 1 in 622,614,630.

You too can take part  in the Italian SuperEnalotto from any where in the world by using our personnal service. We buy the official tickets for you and send them to you in the post. To play go here Play Italian SuperEnalotto.

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SuperEnalotto Italian jackpot 150 million Italy

SuperEnalotto the Italian national lottery game TONIGHT has a jackpot of over 150 million euros. In Italy the population is going crazy with queues of people playing their 1 euro bet to win the SuperEnalotto jackpot. 1 euro permits you to choose 2 sets of 6 numbers between 1-90. We get hundreds of enquiries from people abroad asking how you too can play Italian SuperEnalotto. Well yes you can play here in Italy the SuperEnalotto. You do not need to be an Italian resident to play the SuperEnalotto. All you need to do is buy a Lottery ticket in Italy. BUT HOW do i play the Italian SuperEnalotto in Italy?

We have made this possible for you. Follow this link to find out how to participate in the worlds highest lottery jackpot. The Italian SuperEnalotto.

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George Clooney play italian superenalotto

You too can PLAY the superenalotto in Italy follow this link to read how Superenalotto.

George Clooney was spotted in Como with his girlfriend Canalis at an official italian superenalotto game shop. Apparently he bought 1000 sisal lottery tickets and Miss Canalis played 500 lotto in italy games for a total spend of 1500 euros. Rumours state they will donate any italian superenalotto jackpot winnings to Haiti. Today the lottery jackpot in Italy is over 130 million euros !!!! Click here for the latest italian lottery results
You too can PLAY superenalotto in Italy follow this link to Superenalotto.

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Italian superenalotto italy

Italian superenalotto italy

Clicca qui per i risultati del superenalotto.


Follow this link to play the italian superenalotto and to get the results of the lottery in Italy (if you can’t see link click read full article below it will become active)

148 million euros was last nights premium jackpot  in the italian superenalotto won in Tuscany in a small town called Bagnone near Massa Carrara. WInning combination 10-11-27-45-79-88. Europes largest lottery jackpot won in Italy.

Just for the record, the other big winner is the italian state that collects 49.5% of bettings, the remaining 50.5% is split 38.1% to the lottery premiums, 8% to ticket sale points and 4.4% to the SISAL whom manage the italian lottery in Italy.

Follow this link to play the italian superenalotto

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Italian Superenalotto fever 100 million

Italian superenalotto : Lottery Italy

Follow this link to play the  italian superenalotto

If  that link isn’t working click “read full post” (below) and then it should !!!!!

The jackpot of the superenalotto in Italy has not been won for over 6 months and now the superenalotto  jackpot is over 100 million euros. Italian superenalotto fever has hit the streets as italians are queuing up to play their superenalotto lucky numbers. Just in time for the mass exodus of the italian summer holidays and the national holiday on the 15th August for ferragosto, celebrating summer…. who will play that lucky combination of numbers.

You don’t have to be the italian superenalotto winner to afford this sicilian seaside villa near the zingaro nature reserve in west sicily, castellammare del golfo….but it may help if you want to moor your future yacht here. Good luck.

ps. follow this link to view other italian property

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Italian Superenalotto fever

Italian superenalotto

Follow this link to play italian superenalotto (Click read full post below if link not active)

In Italy the 3 times a week italian lottery game hasn’t been won for over 6 months and the jackpot is reaching record amounts. Tonights lottery jackpot is estimated to be around 90 million euros. Will you be the lucky one to win the lottery in Italy?

Follow this link to see news dedicated to the Italy Superenalotto

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Italian SuperEnalotto

Italy SuperEnalotto
So not to dilute the content of this blog, from now on all posts relevant to the Italian Superenalotto will be posted in the following part of this blog. Click through to Italian Superenalotto .

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Italy superenalotto results

Clicca qui per i risultati del SUPERENALOTTO.

This is an old posting for recent results follow superenalotto results and how to play follow how to play italian superenalotto.


Didn’t get to post yesterday’s result straight away…it was San Valentino !!

Draw 20/09 14/02/09 : 02/14/09

7-32-43-50-68-73 & jolly 31

So we have a winner….you will be getting your money via paypal tomorrow.

WEll done.

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Italy lottery – Italian superenalotto

Italian superenalotto results. Italy lottery

Thursday 12/02/09 : draw 19/09

3-24-31-32-61-85 + jolly 17

Tuesday 10/02/09 : draw 18/09

11-18-47-80-89-90 &  jolly 70

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Play lottery in Italy

Italian Superenalotto results from today saturday 7/2/09 2/7/09 draw 17/09.
winning numbers : 8-23-58-61-76-79 jolly 90

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