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Salemi, Sicily, Italy.

I’m off to Salemi Monday for a meeting with the council to discuss in further detail the regeneration project of the free 1 euro italian property Salemi house in Italy project and further develop my collaboration with the Salemi council.

My trip to Sgarbiland, to meet the head of urban planning and regeneration, Mr Bernardo Tortorici (the main man responsabile, after Vittorio Sgarbi, for delivering this project, which some newspapers have referred to as Prince Tortorici ) will give me the chance to also discuss many of your exciting projects that you have submitted through the MIPC Salemi premium service. Theatres, hotels, art galleries, artistic workshops, restaurants to name but a few.

Since my last trip to Salemi I have been unindated with applications for a Salemi 1 euro house. So this time i will get some more photographs, videos, answer to questions and lots of local information.

Whilst travelling in Sicily if I don’t get chance to reply to your many emails then please be patient, as i will answer them all on Thursday.

If you are still interested in applying for a one of these restoration project in Italy then proceed to the MIPC website for more information.

Ciao. david

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Sgarbiland or is that “Sgarbilandia”.

In today’s Italian “broadsheet” La Stampa translated as The Press, a new brand has been given to the Salemi regeneration project, namely “Sgarbilandia” or in English Sgarbiland, named after the local mayor Vittorio Sgarbi.

The mayor, Sgarbi, is now world famous for offering free italian property in Salemi to anyone who will refubish it into an Italian home in 2 years. Salemi is now on the world map, the town is buzzing.

mipc - get a 1 euro house

In La Stampa, Sgardi talks about an inversion in Italian migration traditionally from south to north in search that the streets are made of gold. “Now it will be the rich from the north who will come here and there is no way they cannot bring riches with them.”

The local council’s head of urban planning and regeneration Mr Bernardo Tortorici, states the local council staff are overwhelmed with applications coming from Australia, Canada, the Baltic States, Germany, France, Russia, Lithuania, and America. The local receptionist, not known for her linguistic abilities, is struggling and the backroom staff are frantically searching title deeds to ensure the properties are in the name of the council. Mr Tortorici states “…but we will make it”.

Yesterday Mr Sgarbi claimed that one of the most important figures in the restoration of old Italian towns has come on board, the Italo-Swedish developer Daniele Khilgren, who has brought other ancient hill towns back from the brink and recently turned cave dwellings in the ancient southern town of Matera into a unique hotel.

With famous celebrities signing up for the houses including american Vogue’s Anna Wintour and world music’s Peter Gabriel and some of Italy’s most beautiful women, including socialites Anna Falchi and Afef Jnifen, and some of Berlusconi’s government….I can’t wait for the next episode.

In fact…….I have a meeting with the Mr Tortorici next week to clarify a lot of questions and present some client’s fantastic projects…..Until then…….David

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Alitalia for sale

mipc - get a 1 euro house

What is happening to Italy ?
Last week it was italian property for sale for 1 Euro in Sicily (which you can apply for at click the banner above.) and this week its Alitalia up for sale.

Augusto Fantozzi today Tuesday 23 september 2008 in 3 national Italian newspapers ; and 1 international newspaper, should be the London FT, has offered to the world his last attempt to save Alitalia.

Further to many salvage packages;
1. Air France, pulled by Berlusconi, in his manifesto he promised one of his first duties was to save Alitalia. Failed.
2. €300M state aid. Failed.
3. CAI (Compagnia aerea italiana) ; some unions just want too much and the union members who said “Better bankrupt than in the hands of robbers”…Do these people really want a job and would you buy a company whose employees have that mentality. Failed.

Now the government appointed administrator, Fantozzi, has certain responsibilities to protect his own legal duty.
He must be seen as trying to save the company. Otherwise he too may have personal problems when he announces bankruptcy.

If Lufthansa want the most lucrative cargo division ? or Air One, Carlo Toto, the Italian low budget airline, want the best of the airline stock then we may see a result, but more than likely by Friday when no one has made an offer, I mean would you wait for it to be advertised on the net if you were seriously considering buying an airline like Alitalia, the last one out can turn out the lights.

Arriverderci Alitalia.

For sale in Italian on Alitalia website.

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Apply for a FREE house in Italy

This is amazing…you can actually get a free house in Italy. Yes there are certain conditions but it looks interesting

read more | digg story

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MIPC interview in NEWSWEEK !!!

David Moss from MIPC bilingual Italian Property Consultants recently held an interview with Barbie Nadeau from Newsweek discussing the free 1 euro properties in Salemi, Sicily.

Read the comments from the interview on the NEWSWEEK website.

Please contact us directly at if you wish to acquire one of these properties.

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Apply for 1 Euro Italian Property

Remember those very cheap 1 Euro properties in Salemi, Sicily, Italy ???

Now apply FREE for a house in Italy using MIPC online automated system at

Some wise real estate investors paid MIPC to submit their application to register for a 1 Euro holiday home in Italy.

Their applications have been personally handled by MIPC and they are already registered at the Salemi council in Sicily. Maybe you were one of them ?

Or maybe you are one of the many that enquired, received the information but decided not to go ahead.

Well as from TODAY you can now process your own application automatically at free of charge.

Or you can use the bespoke MIPC Salemi Premium Service.

See you in Sicily

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Italian financial deadline : IRPEF

For those of you who have already bought your property in Italy and actively renting your italian holiday home please observe the approaching financial deadline on 30/09/08 for your online tax return Modello Unico 2008, for declared income from 2007, that is, if you haven’t already submitted it.

Any queries regarding IRPEF ? have a read at:


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MIPC Forum now active. Discuss Salemi 1 Euro italian property

MIPC launced its forum today at

Further to heavy demand for information regarding the cheap, free, 1 Euro house in Salemi, Sicily, MIPC thought it appropriate to create a forum for everyone to raise their queries, post comments and generally discuss the italian property for sale in Sicilia.

Social bookmark, RSS this site to keep up to date with progress with Vittorio Sgarbi regeneration project.

Read the recent entries or below for further details.

Ciao a presto. David

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Apply here for Italian property in Salemi Sicily. Cheap 1 euro free house in Italy.

APPLY HERE for the free houses in Sicily.

Everyone is talking about the Sicilian council of Salemi giving away cheap italian houses for 1 euro , but no one tells you how to actually apply for one of the italian properties in Salemi.

Well go no further.

I have spoke to the council of Salemi and know the application procedures to apply for a 1 euro house in Salemi.

Thank you to Mr Vittorio Sgarbi the mayor of Salemi, Sicilia for this regeneration initiative.

Email me (David) for further details or read the “recent entries” to the right for an introduction.

or visit the MIPC forum that is discussing this opportunity at

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Salemi, Sicily. Italian property for free….1euro.

Salemi Sicily

January 2010: Visit the new site dedicated to Salemi for recent information regarding the 1 euro property regeneration project in Sicily, Italy.

4/17/09 MIPC Discovering Salemi. Visit Salemi with MIPC and Discover Salemi

9th Feb 2009 : To see the latest news and read all the blogs specific to Salemi Sicily click the link to the right called “Salemi, Sicily Italy” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…………………………>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Apply for a FREE house in Sicily, Italy.

The recently appointed mayor, Vittorio Sgarbi, of Salemi under the guidance of his cultural executive, Oliviera Toscani have decided to bring back to life the historic centre of Salemi by giving away the houses.

The historic town centre which locals abandoned after an earthquake in 1968 is in need of drastic restoration. The mayor has decided that giving away the houses under the condition to restore them in accordance with local building regulations is the solution to regenerating the area.

International celebrities including the owner of Inter football club, Massimo Moretti , along with rumours of Peter Gabriel and Lucio Dalla are among some of the interested parties.

You too can become a part of this new celebrity hotspot and innovative regeneration project !!!

We will write a letter of interest on your behalf to the local council administration. It is not yet sure how the houses will be allocated, but the local council say that within a month further news on allocation will be divulged to those who have expressed an interest.

If you are allocated an Italian property the following conditions will apply ;

  • Purchase the house from the council for a nominal fee, 1 Euro !!!.
  • Restore the house according to local planning & building regulations.
  • Use local Italian builders.
  • Complete restoration within a 2 year deadline.
  • Estimated budget of restoration is 1000 euros per square metre, in Sicily.
  • MIPC will project manage the restoration of the Italian house on your behalf.

Salemi is 72km south west of Palermo and 35km south east of Marsala.

British Airways, Ryanair, easyJet and Air Malta all have direct flights to Sicily. Ryanair flies from Stansted to Palermo and less frequently from Luton and Birmingham to Trapani; EasyJet from Gatwick to Palermo.

With 12 months of sun and breathtaking views across the hills to the Mediterranean Sea, this is your chance to own an historic part of Sicily, Southern Italy and enjoy the Italian culture in your Italian holiday home.

To help reassure you that this is not a scam of any sort, I have personally spoke with the council of Salemi and this news has been documented both in The Times and The Guardian.

If you are interested please email David Moss for further details.

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