Salemi, Sicily, Italy.

I’m off to Salemi Monday for a meeting with the council to discuss in further detail the regeneration project of the free 1 euro italian property Salemi house in Italy project and further develop my collaboration with the Salemi council.

My trip to Sgarbiland, to meet the head of urban planning and regeneration, Mr Bernardo Tortorici (the main man responsabile, after Vittorio Sgarbi, for delivering this project, which some newspapers have referred to as Prince Tortorici ) will give me the chance to also discuss many of your exciting projects that you have submitted through the MIPC Salemi premium service. Theatres, hotels, art galleries, artistic workshops, restaurants to name but a few.

Since my last trip to Salemi I have been unindated with applications for a Salemi 1 euro house. So this time i will get some more photographs, videos, answer to questions and lots of local information.

Whilst travelling in Sicily if I don’t get chance to reply to your many emails then please be patient, as i will answer them all on Thursday.

If you are still interested in applying for a one of these restoration project in Italy then proceed to the MIPC website for more information.

Ciao. david

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