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100 Million euros jackpot won in Italian lotto “superenalotto” in Sicily.

Would you go public ?

Won in Catania, on the east coast of Sicily, known as the home of Cosa Nostra the Sicilian mafia, rumours have it the winner has gone into hiding, as the hunt starts to find out who has won.

Ironically the council of Catania recently received a similar amount to help it through financial difficulties.

The town lit up with joy and a big celebration started. Great for Catania which is currently in darkness as the council can’t afford to pay its bills.

The winner will be able to buy a fantastic italian property now.

Thanks to everyone who placed a bet, but unfortunately none of you won. The jackpot has now returned to a small 20 Million euros. Good luck.

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David Beckham at Milan, Italy from January 2009.

Following Fabio Cappello’s insistence that David must be playing regular football and after a few phone calls, it appears David will be playing with Milan in Italy between January and April before returning back to LA Galaxy’s.

Massimo Moretti, Milan’s president was quoted in today’s Italian “Gazzetta dello Sport” as “being very happy to have David in Milan”.

Harry Redknapp of Portsmouth is also rumoured to be very interested should the Milan deal collapse.

David if you happen to be reading this and you need an italian property in or around Milan, maybe near Mourinho’s house on Lake Como, then I have a fantastic villa available for you. Feel free to contact MIPC, Spice boy.

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Play Italian Superenalotto : Italy Lottery win 100 million prize.

On a more amusing and lighter note if you can’t afford to buy a house in Italy, you maybe interested in spending your 1 Euro not on an Italian property in Sicily but on the Italian national lottery, called superenalotto.

mipc - get a 1 euro house

There is currently lotto fever spreading the whole of Italy. The jackpot has not been won for the last six months, since April, and it has now rolled over to a big 100 million Euros. This is the largest lottery premium in Italian history.

Italian superenalotto is drawn every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Tuesday 21st, with a jackpot of 94.8 million Euros, saw no straight 6, so its rollover and the fever is boiling.

Queues are starting to form outside the lottery shops, people are spending their life savings, a consortium placed a combination bet worth 30,000 euros, everyone is talking lottery in Italy.

A consumer rights group Condacom has launched a legal battle against the national run lottery, demanding a maximum on the premium, and splitting the excess premium across the other national lottery games.

Saturday’s last draw saw over 100 million bets. With odds at 600 million to one you never know it could be your lucky day !!!

You have to select 6 numbers from 1 – 90.
If you fancy a go it costs 1 euro for 2 attempts.

Paypal me 2 euros (that’s a 1 euro admin fee for the ink and running back and forth to the shop) and I’ll place your bet for you. Email me your 2 sets of 6 numbers.
Applications open.

Terms and Conditions : if you win I take a 10% handling fee !!
The Italian state only actually pays you 60 days after you win with interest. So be patient ( I haven’t run off with your winnings !!) you’ll receive 100M + 200,000 interest less 10% = approx 90M Euros.

MIPC admin team.

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MIPC Discovering Salemi, Sicily

Moss Italian Property Consultants (MIPC) is organising a trip to Salemi, Sicily during the first week of November : 3rd – 5th : to help people discover the 1 Euro property / free cheap italian property in Salemi. MIPC Discovering Salemi trip starts with aperitifs in the hotel in Salemi, Hotel Villa Mokarta, the Monday evening. Followed by dinner, the seminar “Discovering Salemi” will introduce the Salemi regeneration project and guest speakers will speak in more detail about the 1 Euro house opportunity in Salemi and how to buy a house in Italy. The following day is dedicated to visiting all the 1 euro house in Salemi along with larger Salemi historic buildings, including Salemi churches, museams and tourist sites.

mipc - get a 1 euro house

Fly into Palermo airport or Trapani airport and MIPC will arrange your airport transfer to the Hotel Villa Mokarta in Salemi. This is great way to get to know Sicily, maybe extend your stay and discover the local Sicilain area with a holiday in Sicily. For further details visit Discovering Salemi and you too can buy a house in Italy.

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Gomorrah Mafia Naples Sicily Casalesi Italy

As the life threats on Roberto Saviano, author of Gomorrah, increase in Naples, maybe it is time to realise life in Sicily is more peaceful.

Read the article in The Independent .

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Casa Nostra Our House

Sicily, the new Italian Hotspot.

Sicily is changing. The whole island is currently undergoing a new face lift. The Sicilian mafia “cosa nostra” is less predominant than they used to be, the airports (Palermo, Trapani, Catania and soon Ragusa) have opened accessibility and now the true beauty of Sicily is starting to be enjoyed by many.

Nicknamed the next Tuscany, Sicily offers a rolling landscape, vineyards, olive groves, crystal clear water, good wine and very friendly hosts.

Grab your bargain property before they all get mobbed.

Italian property in Sicily is experiencing an increase in demand. MIPC is assisting clients acquire the 1 Euro house in Salemi and very shortly MIPC will be bringing to the market some exceptional Italian properties so you too can have your dream holiday house in Sicily, Italy.

mipc - get a 1 euro house

From Agrigento, Siracusa, Taormina, Cefalu, Sciacca, Aeolian Islands and Marsala.

Even The Sunday Times is now talking about Sicily.

Hope people get the pun that Cosa Nostra has become Casa Nostra, the former been the mafia and the later been Itlian for “Our House”

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