Italy sinking

Italy sinking

ROME, ITALY - NOVEMBER 18: Prime Minister Desi...

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Apart from the obvious pun of the cruise ship Costa Concordia which crashed last Friday off the Tuscan coast near the island of Giglio near Grosetto, Tuscany, one wonders economically and socially is Italy sinking ?

Is it time to jump the boat before been left last man onboard to turn the lights out like captain Schettino did ?

Not covered by the international media but last week Sicily came to a grinding holt. A strike by lorry drivers blocking motorways and principal transport routes started last weekend, by Thursday the supermarket shelves were empty, petrol stations dried up, stores without supplies and okay life is slow here, but last week it was scary. It felt if though Sicily had literally stopped functioning.

Amazingly seasonal, zero mile supplies became popular like once upon a time. Prices though shot throw the roof, even the black economy benefitted with under the counter sales of scare products. There was even rumours the mafia was starting to get involved (if not already) controlling market prices.

Personally i was without petrol, not even enough to get to the airport in case of an emergency departure. I felt trapped. At least the cash machines worked in case a shop had some supplies. Ok it only lasted till Saturday, probably because the mums told their lorry driver sons to get back to work as their food supplies dried up for Sunday lunch…but even now Tuesday shops, stores, supermarkets are only just starting to stock up. With people now panic buying in case of a repeat strike, those few supplies arriving are quickly disappearing. Fortunately today i managed to find a petrol station with petrol, so i feel safer.

But worse the strike is now rolling out across the mainland. From north to south from Milan to Puglia roads blocked, lorries not delivery, live & fresh stock reaching sell by date, queues at petrol stations starting to form and some gas stations already dry. Even a protestor has been killed by a German lorry driver.

This is the people’s revolution against Mario Monti austerity reforms. Monti euro technocrat probably appointed by world banks to control their interests. With property tax on owner’s primary residence been reintroduced after 5 years, increases of VAT, redundancy growing, tax evasion been stamped on, from liberation of Chinese walled markets like taxis, chemists, notarys and more….the population have had enough and the Italian revolution has started and is Italy sinking ?

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david beckham achilles injury milan world cup

BEckham during last nights game for AC Milan against Chievo in the seria A in Italy first got kicked in the face and suffered heavy bleeding and then unchallenged broke his Achilles tendon. David rumured to be buying George Clooneys italian villa on the italian Lakes rested in a Milan hospital overnight before heading off to FInland for surgery. Beckhams chances of playing in the world cup finals for England are now very slim.

BEckham is on transfer from LA Galaxy in his second season in the italian premiership. Milan beating CHievo 1-0 are now 1 point behind the leaders. After his return to Manchester last week this is probably the start of a sad end to David’s football career…well at least he can rest and enjoy the italian lakes in his house in Italy….auguri.

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David Beckham AC Milan Italy

David Beckham manages to bring Italy back into the international football/soccer field, which may not have a lot to do with property in Italy, but believe me it does great for the italian economy. What appears an action replay of last year, Beckham and Milan have gone through the yes or no scenario….and yes Beckham will play once agian for Milan this winter in Italy. David returning to his italian property on Lake Como will attract international attention on Italy, which is good news for all of you whom about to buy property in Italy as your property investment in Italy will definately benefit from his presence. Not to say the least about his wife Victoria and the kids frequenting downtown Milan city centre. Beckham believes keeping in European football will help him gain a position in the english team for the World Cup. I only hope his true focus is for Milan whom need a good ROI on their italian investment.

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Inter v AC Milan kick off 20:30 San Siro Italy.

Inter v AC Milan

kick off 20:30 San Siro Italy.

Half time result 2-0

Final score 2-1 to Inter.

The famous Milan derby in Italy has kicked off. AC Milan v Inter Sunday 15/02/09.: 2/15/09
Maldini and Zenetti lead out Milan and Inter respectively. FC Internazionale Milano (inter) with 53 points at the top of serie A will be keeping Milan 6 points behind from moving closer to Juventus at 47.
David Beckham and rumours about staying at Milan rossi neri and not returning to LA Angeles Galaxy have even attracted the BBC back in UK to transmit the game live. More than you get here in Italy.
We’re in the Bar Moderna in Salemi, Sicily watching the live game.
Brazilian Kaka quickly recovered to be on the bench, whilst rumours of Chelsea’s interest circulate.
After Scolari’s departure and Dutchman Guus Hiddick taking over it may not only be Kaka their after, Jose Morinho talked about returning to the Mediaset TV channel, owned by Milan president and Italy Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Lets leave that to the “Special One”.
Milan coach Carlo Ancellotti is after 3 points to take Milan up the Serie A TIM league.
Current score 2-0

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Beckham first goal Milan v Bologna Italy

David Beckham scored his first goal in the Italian seria A football league for AC Milan v Bologna today Sunday 25/01/09 also 01/25/09. The final result was 4 -1 to Milan and… Read the rest of this entry »

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Beckham Milan v Hamburg : Dubai Football Challenge

To conclude A.C. Milan ’s new year training in Dubai, David Beckham played the first 45 minutes against Hamburg from the German Bundesliga last night.
winter training in Dubai Beckhams fist match with Milan saw him score 1 goal. It also came to light that he maybe leaving LA Galaxy in 2009.
Beckham, 33, has joined Milan on loan from US side LA Galaxy and could make his Serie A debut when Milan play Roma on Sunday.
He is hoping to regain his England place during the MLS close-season by staying fit and wants to play regularly with Milan.

If you would like to join David in Italy and buy a house in Italy then MIPC can advise you.

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David Beckham at Milan, Italy from January 2009.

Following Fabio Cappello’s insistence that David must be playing regular football and after a few phone calls, it appears David will be playing with Milan in Italy between January and April before returning back to LA Galaxy’s.

Massimo Moretti, Milan’s president was quoted in today’s Italian “Gazzetta dello Sport” as “being very happy to have David in Milan”.

Harry Redknapp of Portsmouth is also rumoured to be very interested should the Milan deal collapse.

David if you happen to be reading this and you need an italian property in or around Milan, maybe near Mourinho’s house on Lake Como, then I have a fantastic villa available for you. Feel free to contact MIPC, Spice boy.

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