Salemi 2012 news

Salemi roman castle

Salemi Castle

Remember Salemi ? and the 1 Euro property regeneration project…

Follow here for a Salemi 2012 update further to recent Salemi news.

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Valle Piola Gran Sasso medieval italian village for sale £485,000

Medieval village in Gran Sasso national park in Abruzzo for sale £485,000 /  Euros 555,000 / $800,000

italian restoration project

Valle Piola

The small abandoned mountain village of Valle Piola consists of a church, 11 stone delapidated stone houses and 2 farmers barns. Interesting proposal for the development of a boutique village/hotel.

View more photos here at Italian Property Valle Piola.

Estimated restoration fees at 1500euros/square metre would involve a development fund of at least 2 million+.

A similar business model has been developed at Santo Stefano di Sessanio and offers unique hotel accomodation in a medieval village. Meandering in the narrow village cobbled streets, history, luxury accomodation and restaurants around every corner. I visited Santo Stefano 4 years ago when it was in the stage of development. incredabile really that a mountain village can be refurbished and turn in a tourist destination. The weather here is great in summer with sun and fresh mountain air. In winter there are ski facilities nearby.

A similar business model is also been designed by the same architect of Santo Stefano in Salemi, Sicily. Here the ruins are for sale at 1 euro and registration for a property is open at Salemi.

In Italy there are many restoration properties available. You are advised to get a qualified surveyor and fixed price construction quotes for the restoration as many restoration projects heavily run over budget.

MIPC offers property restoration services in Sicily via our Italian construction firm.
Email MIPC for further details regarding any of the above projects.

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Italy 150 Giuseppe Garibaldi celebrations.

Italy is celebrating 150 years of unification.

A short history lesson:

The process of the unification of Italy is known as the Italian Risorgimento. Back in 1860 in Italy there 4 states namely the Austrians in Venetia, the Papal States, the new expanded Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. In April 1860, separate insurrections began in Messina and Palermo in Sicily, both of which demonstrated a history of opposing Neapolitan rule. On May 6, 1860, Garibaldi and his cadre of about a thousand Italian “red shirts” volunteers (called I Mille), steamed from Quarto near Genoa, and after a stop in Talamone on May 11 landed near Marsala on the west coast of Sicily to “liberate” southern Italy and Sicily from the centuries old rule of the Bourbon kings from Spain.  Near Salemi, Garibaldi’s army attracted scattered bands of rebels, and the combined forces defeated the opposing army at Calatafimi on May 13. Within three days, the invading force had swelled to 4,000 men. On May 14, Garibaldi proclaimed himself dictator of Sicily, in the name of Victor Emmanuel II of Italy. In less than a month, and against all odds, they had seized Palermo. The defeat of the 20,000-strong Bourbon army in Palermo sent a shiver up the spine of Italy and through the Bourbon monarchy in Naples, setting the stage for the unification of Italy and ultimately leading to the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy (March 17, 1861) in Turin, Piedmonte.

The 150 year celebrations started this May 6th and will conclude next year 2011 with 150 years of the Kingdom of Italy. Even Ferrari has created a special logo which appears as from today on the F10s of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso: the three stripes of the Italian flag placed over the dates 1861>2011 are the symbol of the inter-ministerial committee to celebrate the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Italian Unity.

The head of State, President Giorgio Napolitano, was on the defensive when he travelled to Genoa this week to honour the Thousand. “To celebrate the unity of Italy is not a waste of time or money,” he declared. He urged Italians to show “a stronger sense of Italy and of being Italian”, following the leader of the The Northern League, Umberto Bossi’s comments calling the celebrations “useless things.” The party’s newspaper demanded rhetorically, “The unity of Italy – what’s there to celebrate?” and described the birth of the unitary state as “contrary to nature and history.”

The celebrations will follow the route of Garibaldi. Here in Sicily of particular interest was the THE GARIBALDI TALL SHIPS REGATTA 2010 from Genoa to Trapani.

In Salemi, Napolitano will be visiting on Tuesday 11th May to open the new town hall and new mafia museum which is planned to attract new mafia tourism to Salemi the town of the 1 euro house regeneration project.

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Salemi 1 euro house

Salemi is back in the news with an article in the Giornale di Sicilia today documenting David from MIPC and his work in Salemi.

Se volete sapere di piu cliccate qui Salemi dove potete leggere anche notizia del Salemi International Jazz Festival.

Per contatti aziendale cliccate qui MIPC

Se anche voi avete un sito/blog/portale che promuove la Sicila o vendete prodotti siciliane sia un albergo, b&b, ristorante, cantina, negozio, associazione o una societa che vuole raggiungere i mercati internazionale possiamo inserire la Vs sito/link qui. Offriamo anche un servizio di traduzione da italiano a inglese per i Vs documenti aziendale. Per informazione contattaci cliccando sopra EMAIL MIPC.

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Salemi Sicilian Wine Festival

Salemi Sicilian Wine Festival : Benedivino

The seaside here in Sicily is fantastic, the water clear and warm but here in Salemi thev’ve gone one step further and created a swimming pool of 30,000 litres of wine. The latest idea from Mayor Sgarbi to promote sicilian wine and Salemi is taking place this weekend from Friday 4th Septemberr to Sunday 6th. If you are here in Sicily come along and take a dip in the pool of red sicilian wine. Read more… Sicilian Wine

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Bill Gates Salemi Mi PC Italian property in Sicily

Bill Gates Salemi Mi PC

Salemi is back in the news as Vittorio Sgarbi the mayor announced today that Bill Gates Microsoft millionaire has shown interest to buy a house in Sicily,  purchasing a “block” of 1 euro houses in Salemi for “social” uses.

Bill Gates is reported be visiting Salemi this August. Gates supports Sgarbi’s campaign against wind turbines which are sprouting up on the horizons across sicily and has been recently reported in the Financial Times.

Gates financial support towards Sgarbi’s campaign was rejected and an agreement for Gates to finance pubblicity campaigns using airplane banners promoting “Come Salemi tutta la Sicilia” translated as “Like Salemi all of Sicily” has been reported as agreed.

What with rumours of Peter Gabriel, Bill Gates, and some Italian celebrities it looks like a busy and interesting summer here in Salemi. Are you are planning to visit Salemi, Sicily ? If so MIPC has some beautiful seaside villas in sicily to rent…contact MIPC for further details.

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Salemi Tibet capital in Italy, Dolma Gyari

Salemi Tibet capital in Italy, Dolma Gyari

Salemi has already been titled the first Tibetan capital in Italy, by Sgarbi. A Tibetan flag flies outside the Salemi council offices.

Recently the Salemi executive Graziano Cecchini held a exhibition of his visit to Tibet.

To highlight the democratic issues in Tibet on April 25th 2009 the deputy of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, Mrs Dolma Gyari, as part of her tour in Italy to promote democratic culture, will attend a press conference in the castle of Salemi at 5pm.

For further details visit the Central Tibetan Administration website.

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Sgarbi Salemi Sicily Italy

Sgarbi Salemi

Today saw an article about the mayor of Salemi Sicily in the LA Times. He is an amazing guy that manages to get in the press across the whole world, whilst promoting Salemi Sicily.

You can find further details about Salemi, Sgarbi, Sicily and the 1 euro property development offer here in this blog.

Click on the right the “select postings by category” called “Salemi, Sicily, Italy” to read recent posts OR visit the following website for local information about Salemi.

If you wish to register for one of the 1 euro properties then follow this link Salemi

Interestingly Moss Italian Property Consultants  hosted some clients in Salemi from New York today who viewed many of the 1 euro property in Salemi and other interesting properties in Salemi. They are interested in opening a sicilain culinary school here. If you have any intersting ideas for Salemi we would like to hear from you. Click “EMAIL MIPC” at the top of this page to request more information about Salemi or to send us your business proposals.

MIPC is organising MIPC Discovering Salemi trips for you to come and visit Salemi. Find further details at MIPC Discovering Salemi

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Discovering Salemi

MIPC Discovering Salemi

MIPC have organised a series of individual weekend trips to help you visit and start Discovering Salemi.

Why not join David from MIPC in Salemi for one of these weekend trips when he will introduce you

to the Salemi town centre, visit the1 euro properties, meet some of the locals, visit the Salemi council

offices and view some other Salemi properties currently on the market.

If a weekend in Sicily is too short then why not take a well deserved break and

book a holiday in Sicily with MIPC and include the

Discovering Salemi in your holliday and property search in Sicily. MIPC have lots of Villas for

rental all across Sicily for your holiday. Email MIPC for further details. Whilst on holiday MIPC

will be available to help you view other properties in Sicily, including the Lo Scopello area

(an up and coming popular tourist destination), Trapani, Tre Fontane, Cefalu, Noto, Sciacca,

Siracusa and many other destinations.

The MIPC Discovering Salemi trips take place over the following dates:

Easter in Salemi, Sicily : 10th April to 12th April

1st MAy to 3rd May

22nd May to 24th May

Goto MIPC Discovering Salemi for further details.

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salemi sicily 1 euro house sicilia Italy

Salemi Sicily Sicilia 1 euro house Italy

Today sunday 3/22/09 the second series of the documentary about Salemi Sicily Italy was transmitted on CBS Sunday Morning.

Salemi 1 euro house Sicily

MIPC the authors of this blog have an office in Salemi in South West Sicily and are here to provide you with all the information you require to help you apply for a 1 euro house in Salemi and buy a property in Sicily Italy.

Read all the postings about Salemi Sicilia by clicking on the right >>>> the link called ” Salemi, Sicily Italy”.

To acquire one of the properties you must first register your interest by completing an online form at Salemi . Then MIPC will register you interest with the Salemi council. This is non binding and simply puts you on the Salemi councils mailing list for future correspondence when the final details of the full application procedures will be issued by the Salemi counil towards the end of April 2009.

The second step is, once registered, is to submit a letter of introduction explaining a little about yourself and why you wish to acquire a sicilian property in Salemi. MIPC will forward you details about the content of this letter of introduction once you have completed step 1.

Further details about Salemi can be found at Salemi

You can view what others are saying about Salemi in Sicily, Italy and post your views at the MIPC Salemi forum

You can click the link “EMAIL MIPC” at the top of this page and email MIPC directly for further information.

MIPC looks forward to hearing from you to assist you in your search for property in Italy and Salemi in Sicily.

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