Italian Superenalotto promotion lottery

Italian superenalotto results here

Risultati del superenalotto qui.

Italian Superenalotto promotion lottery

How to make money promoting the Italian Superenalotto and promoting your country lottery.

This is a true story how i have started making over 500 dollars per month simply by posting lottery result numbers. Okay it is not tens of thousands of dollars in 30 days that lots of internet sites offer you but it works and it takes me 5 minutes three times a week and you too can do the same.

I live in Italy and work in Italy. This February 2009 there was a buzz about the jackpot in the Italian lottery, the lottery prize had reached over 100 million euros. (THIS week once again the jackpot is close to 100M euros.) Well I normally blog about Italian Property (click HOME if you need to check this) but i couldn’t resist blogging about the Italian lotto fever.

So I did.

A simple blog talking about the italian lottery promotion and amazingly i started getting higher traffic, to be honest i wasn’t sure how, maybe it was luck (BUT NOW I KNOW WHY AND YOU TOO CAN LEARN !!). Viewing my blog traffic logs i realised the traffic was visiting the italian superenalotto blog posting. So to try and maintain the traffic I started blogging the italian superenalotto results with exact details of the date and italian lottery draw numbers and obviously the extracted lottery numbers in italy. Traffic continued to land on my blog and increased….

Now i watched this traffic and wondered how i could monetize it….I had heard about affiliate marketing, referral programs, banners, PPC, click through and all this internet marketing jargon. I had also read numerous articles about people earning a fortune on the net…but i didn’t really believe them. I had even paid for a few internet programs on how to make money on the Internet BUT I got NO results…

So one day i decided to start Italian superenalotto promotion with the aim of seeing if it was true that you can make money on the internet. I searched the internet to only find out that the official Italian lottery is state controlled and they didn’t have an affiliate program nor online playing so i thought that i had no chance of promoting it to non Italians abroad, but then i came across this internet company that runs lottery draws based on the Italian lottery results.

[STOP : Before you click the link or think you are clever and just go off to google and search them directly i advise you to continue reading further.]

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I signed up to their affiliate program posted their localised lottery banner on my blog, consolidated my lottery result blogs into a single page for SEO purposes and kept on posting the superenalotto results every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in Italy soon after the draws.

It started slowly the first month 10 dollars commission, next 50 dollars and now i have a regular internet income exclusively related to the italian superenalotto, which takes me 15 minutes a week, of 500 dollars.

Now if this has worked for me in Italy then I believe in can also work for you in your country.

You may ask why am I telling you this ? Well to be honest my core business is an Italian Property Consultant and i just haven’t got the time to be posting lottery results from every damn country in the world. So I want you to do this for US so I thought i would share it with you.

NOW i say “US” because if you click this link and sign up with MyLotto as a lottery affiliate promotor I will also earn from your future sales..Great for me…but even better for you !! See if you sign up through my super-affiliate link OR you think “ him” i will just go and sign up directly by myself THEN your end result earnings are exactly the SAME. Just i get a little extra for having invited you to the program. SO why help me ?? Simple because in turn i will help you. As your super-affiliate i will assist you with the implmentation of the MyLotto affiliate programme. I will help you understand it and give you my advice based on years of experience using their system. Put it in internet affiliate language. I will be your guru. I repeat if you sign up independently you end earnings will be the SAME, you have only to gain by signing up to their lottery affiliate scheme by clicking this banner. Once you have signed up they will tell me and then i will be here to help you.

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So why reinvent the wheel.??

Get yourself a domain preferably “” or set yourself up a simple wordpress blog with the blog name “YourCountryLotteryNameLotteryResults” and start posting the results of the lottery in your country and give it a few months and watch the traffic arrive. Sign up to the lotto affiliate program here now, and ask them to provide your country’s lottery banner and the Italian superenalotto banners and within 3 months i hope you will have the decency to email me and say THANKS….worst comes of it you may yourself notice a pattern in the lottery results and play your national lottery and WIN the jackpot..NOW i can’t promise that….if not…. maybe an extra 500 dollars a month might just keep you happy.

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You can start promoting your lottery straight away. ITS FREE. Go and visit their website and sign up as an affiliate now.

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I am looking to recruit just 100 global lottery promotors. That is between you, me and 98 others. We will promote each others national lottery, driving traffic from me to you and you to US benefitting each others earnings potential. This will be a closed circuit between US 100 global lottery promotors. This will help you earn not only money in relation to your national lottery but also 100 other national lotteries. This is called TEAM WORK and I AM am creating the TEAM HERE NOW.
Become a member of this team and ALSO learn special SEO tricks to increase your traffic, our traffic and your earnings.

Ps : Becoming a member of the 100 global lottery promoters i will teach you some little secrets about lottery SEO that I need to share with you. Subscription is 10 euros, payable via paypal, to become a member of the 100 global lottery promoters.  Test it for yourself enter “Italian superenalotto” into google and see if appears in the top 10 google organic listings in your country.

If you don’t believe me scrool down and look at the bottom right hand corner of this blog and view the traffic visiting this site, supplied by feedjit (an independent web traffic monitor)…go on… click “watch in real time” !!!

Remember I am a working from my Italian office with a domain name that doesn’t even mention the word lottery or lotto  !!! . Imagine the thousands of dollars the big lottery firms spend to be listed in the top 10 !!! All you need to do is SUBSCRIBE now…

and you too will start to rank high in google search results for your national lottery.

There are no tricks like paying for delivery or postage and packaging or credit card fees.

Been a member of the exclusive 100 global lottery promotors club means you also pay 5 euros per month to maintain your membership. I will simply email you a pdf file explaining the strategy, rules and regulations.
I too used to doubt any site that asked money for further information but all i can say is look at the traffic visiting this site in the feedjit window in the bottom right hand corner of this page. This is proof it works.

If you are not interested in joining the 100 global lottery promtors club just yet then simply start by promoting your national lottery or the italian superenalotto buy clicking the banner below and sign up directly
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…apply the SEO secret already mentioned and wait and see the traffic…within a month when you realise its true return here and….

to the 100 global lottery promoters club to move to the next level of earnings….

The choice is yours.

And trust me whenever you wish to cancel your subscription i will stop it straight away and offer your place on the 100 global lottery promoters to others on the waiting list at a higher price. So join now before you finish on that waiting list. Unsure ? Well its a paypal subscription so you too can cancel the subscription whenever you wish. YOU are in control whether you remain a member of the 100 global lottery promotors club NOT me.

Ok here’s the first bonus advice free…..

” numbers speak all languages”….IF English isn’t your first language i believe you will still understand this : “10,14,17,19,20”. That isn’t a riddle its simple truth that when people from ANY country google numbers they don’t need to speak your website’s mother tongue. Think about the international markets you can reach with this simple information. And there are more clever internet marketing strategies in the pdf strategy file which I will send you when you now Paypal me 10 euros to become a member of the “100 global lottery promoters”.

Subscribe by clicking this paypal button now and join US the 100 global lottery promoters, making real money, maybe not a fortune but at least its a genuine opportunity with no major risks…………

Still not convinced…well why have you read so far ????????
Click EMAIL MIPC at the top of this page and ask me your queries….OK…??????



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    ELVIS CARL // December 22nd, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    Please i want to ask if you can help me win 5/90 malta lotto played in Ghana?

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    mipc // December 22nd, 2009 at 10:50 pm


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