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Salemi MIPC 1 Euro house Sicily : Newsletter

Salemi :
MIPC has just released a newsletter about the Salemi council ” 1 Euro house ” offer.

Quote from newsletter:
The Letter of Introduction is a means for the Salemi council to understand if you are still interested in their offer and to understand who you are. MIPC understand that the Salemi council wish to build a sustainable community. They are looking for 60% residential occupancy of the houses. MIPC understands that their target market is an artistic and culturally

Feel free to download the MIPC Newsletter in .pdf Adobe format at:
or view on line at

In the newsletter there is also information about buying a house in Italy, Sicilian property and Property in the Egadi Islands including Favignana and Marettimo.

Happy New Year.

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MAFIA : the Mediterranean Association for International Affairs.

Salemi councillor, Toscani has registered the brand MAFIA on behalf of the Sicilian town, Salemi in Italy.

In a controversial move the Salemi mayor, Vittorio Sgarbi, said that Oliviero Toscani, (councillor for creativity for Salemi and currently responsible for communication regarding the offer of the 1 Euro houses in Salemi, Sicily, Italy) was “thinking about the advantages of the town”.

Salemi 1 euro house Sicily

Toscani revealed regarding The acronym M.A.F.I.A that ”There is no particular study behind this label… We will use it as a vehicle for some communication projects,” he said.

Sgarbi – himself no stranger to controversy – invited Toscani to form part of his inner cabinet when he won the local elections on a centrist UDC and Christian Democrat coalition ticket in June.

The motormouth art critic left his post in Milan after months of disputes with centre-right mayor Letizia Moratti, including one over a gay art show that was to have featured a sculpture of Pope Benedict XVI in drag.

Sgarbi’s vision of regeneration in Salemi was highlighted with the Salemi councils offer of properties in Italy at 1 Euro. These cheap houses offer the possibility to buy a house in Italy.

FInd out further details at MIPC Salemi website

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Earthquake Italy

Earthquake Italy
Tuesday 23rd December 2008 16:25pm
Measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale there was an earthquake in Italy. With the epicentre in Parma area. Other weaker quakes went on over night. No reported injuries.

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Rome, Tiber, floods Italy, Venice.

Rome’s mayor has declared a state of emergency due to the risk that the river Tiber may burst it’s banks.
Following 2 weeks of intensive rain in Italy, Friday saw the whole of Rome’s forecasted rain for the month of December fall in 1 day !!
The river Tiber is currently 5 metres or 15 feet above its normal level, this is the highest the Italian river has been over the last 40 years of Italian history.
The Milvio bridge built 200BC an ancient bridge in Rome has been closed due to risk of collapse as has the Angel’s bridge (Ponte s. Angelo). The Tiber island is also under risk.
The Italian military, the red cross and the civil protection teams are on alert and distributing sand bags.
All of Italy during the last 2 weeks has suffered from a low depression. Rain has fallen from the north to the south.
Venice St Mark’s square is currently under water.
Access to the Sicilian islands around the island of Sicily, the Egadi Islands, Favignana, Marettimo is blocked.
People accessing their Italian property in the Island of Elba are also reporting ferry problems.
All this has brought very early snow in the Italian ski resorts of the Alps and the Dolomites. Early skiing and a good skiing season is forecasted.
If you are looking for Italian ski property, MIPC currently has 2 bedroom apartments for sale in Val Gardenia.

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Salemi Letter of Introduction

The Salemi council may have emailed you and asked for a Salemi Letter of Introduction Click for further details.

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