Antimafia Tourism Siciliy

Antimafia tourism Sicily : Sicilian Mafia

I just heard a news item on UK BBC radio 4 announcing that in Sicily they have launched antimafia tourism in Palermo and Corleone.

Corleone mafia sicily

Corleone mafia sicily

So what is the Antimafia ? As it’s name suggests it is the policing organisation against the Mafia. Officially called the DIA “Direzione Investigativa Antimafia”. Responsable for investigating mafia bosses, corruption, protection rackets “pizzo” and anything to do with organised crime in Sicily. Amongst sicilians the antimafia is NOW considered more dangerous than the mafia, in that they have the legal right to put you in prison whilst you are innocent and under investigation for mafia association. I have a sicilian friend who innocently sold a plot of land to wind turbine developers, whom are strongly associated with the mafia and he got locked up for 6 months until it was proved he had nothing to do with the developer.

The antimafia successfully claims to confiscate or reposses mafia assets including businesses, property and cash. Some of these assets are now donated back into the sicilian community. See Francesco Galante restaurant near Corleone once owned by the Cosa Nostra.

PS check out the gun bullet hole under the “O” in Corleone in the above picture.

The antimafia tourism promoting the first restaurant in Palermo that refused to pay the pizzo and with trips to Corleone sounds more like Mafia Tourism to me not antimafia tourism.

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MAFIA : the Mediterranean Association for International Affairs.

Salemi councillor, Toscani has registered the brand MAFIA on behalf of the Sicilian town, Salemi in Italy.

In a controversial move the Salemi mayor, Vittorio Sgarbi, said that Oliviero Toscani, (councillor for creativity for Salemi and currently responsible for communication regarding the offer of the 1 Euro houses in Salemi, Sicily, Italy) was “thinking about the advantages of the town”.

Salemi 1 euro house Sicily

Toscani revealed regarding The acronym M.A.F.I.A that ”There is no particular study behind this label… We will use it as a vehicle for some communication projects,” he said.

Sgarbi – himself no stranger to controversy – invited Toscani to form part of his inner cabinet when he won the local elections on a centrist UDC and Christian Democrat coalition ticket in June.

The motormouth art critic left his post in Milan after months of disputes with centre-right mayor Letizia Moratti, including one over a gay art show that was to have featured a sculpture of Pope Benedict XVI in drag.

Sgarbi’s vision of regeneration in Salemi was highlighted with the Salemi councils offer of properties in Italy at 1 Euro. These cheap houses offer the possibility to buy a house in Italy.

FInd out further details at MIPC Salemi website

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Mafia Inc. 7% of Italian GDP. Business in Italy

Announced by the Italian national retail services association, Confesercenti, in a report “Crimes hold on business” the 4 main mafia organisations turnover 130 billion euros. Mafia Inc. has net profits of 70 B Euros, and turns over more than the Italian company Eni.
Ex mafia boss, Riina’s house, near Corleone in Sicily was recently sequestered by the Italian anti-racket federation and has been turned into an agriturismo.
In the current economic climate as banks squeeze on credit, businesses are turning to loan sharks. Italian Finance Minister, Tramonti, recently announced that though Italian banks have not suffered from the subprime crisis the Italian government will be pumping financial support into the economy prior to Christmas. The Italian bank Unicredit today announced profits of 551M euros, 150M more than financial analysts expected.

As the Beckhams start their search to buy a property in Italy, the market is expected to hold strong, as international investors follow the celebrities.
Visit Italian property for investment opportunities in Italy.

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Gomorrah Mafia Naples Sicily Casalesi Italy

As the life threats on Roberto Saviano, author of Gomorrah, increase in Naples, maybe it is time to realise life in Sicily is more peaceful.

Read the article in The Independent .

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