BBC Radio rights restrictions

I turned on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning as usual to hear the recorded message “due to rights restrictions this part of the programme is unavailable”.

Then i tried BBC Radio 5 jsut to check and i get the same message.

I am in Italy….is anyone else getting this recorded message ? or just me ?

Is this because of the Olympic opening event this eve ? or the Olympics in general…and if so how long does this restriction  last ?

Anyone from the BBC please answer in comments others please answer the below question and once we have a 1000 answers/votes i will forward it to the BBC.

If you are abroad can you hear the BBC radio ?

Click Yes or NO to the question. (no need to be a registered member…this is an open public poll.)

Can you hear the BBC radio on line outside the UK ?

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    mipc // July 27th, 2012 at 11:59 am

    Well I rec’d an email form the BBC and they state :
    “Today programme is broadcast from Olympic stadium this morning. International service is all down to the Olympics….


    Sometimes rights restrictions mean that we can’t offer content to international listeners eg Cricket commentary on LW.
    The BBC’s agreement with the International Olympic Committee means we are not allowed to broadcast anything online from the Olympic Park or Olympic venues outside of the UK.
    As a result some programmes need to be blanked for International listeners due to rights issues surrounding Olympic content in programmes.”

    Just shows you want to get away from the Olympics but it even follows you abroad by disturbing your normal listening habits.

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