Italy superenalotto How to Play

Italian SuperEnalotto : How to play

For results goto  Italian Superenalotto lottery results.

You have 3 options:
1: Play at the italian SISAL superenalotto online website in Italian.
2: Play through a recognised lottery agent.
3: Ask us to play for you here in Italy at our local lottery official shop. You do NOT need to be an Italian resident. Anyone in the world can particpate.You pay via paypal then we send you your official tickets in the post to any destination across the globe. We currently play for people from Canada, Israel, Australian, Japan, Argentina etc…. How ?? see below option 3….Guaranteed service.

1: Se siete italiani e in possesso del codice fiscale puoi giocare online qui con SISAL o cliccando il banner sotto: That is to play online with the italian lottery website you need an italian fiscal code and you need to understand Italian. This can be arranged though it takes 1 week to organise, Email MIPC for further details. Have a look at the Italian Superenalotto online site clicking the banner here.


2: Sign up on line to the various lottery agents where you can “play” the Italian Superenalotto lottery for example with MyLotto.

Play Italian superenalotto

Play Italian superenalotto


3: Ask MIPC to play directly, on your behalf, with the official Italian superenalotto offices. We send you the lottery tickets vis international courier.

If you want to play choose 2 seperate sets of : 6 numbers : between 1-90 (inclusive).
For example :
Email them to me.
Then make a payment of 10 euros to us so we can play your 2 sets of numbers in 5 consequtive lottery draws.
The first date your numbers will be played is a minumum 24 hours after i recieve your payment of 10 Euros (5 games @ 2 euros = 10 Euros), which you must pay

directly to my PAYPAL email address
by clicking the paypal button below and processing payment to play the italian superenalotto via their secure portal.

The Italian Superenalotto lottery results will be published here regularly.

The italian superenalotto lottery takes place on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.
Your numbers will be palyed in 5 consecutive italian superenalotto lottery draws.
We will email you a scanned copy of your original superenalotto game receipts issued by SISAL (the italian gaming authority) as your proof of purchase and for claiming prizes if you win. (see a sample of these superenalotto receipts below).

Should you prefer we can also post the original game receipts/vouchers to your home address, though you must obviously pay the postal charge.

Please note the actual game costs 1 euro, there is an administration fee of 1 euro per game.

Winners i’ve already paid please post a blog…so people know we’re serious. I mean i am an italian property consultant, this just gives an excuse for my secretary to take a walk to the Superenalotto lottery shop in Italy, take a break and play your game.


original sisal superenalotto receipts

original sisal superenalotto receipts

P.S. when you win it can take 2 months to receive payment with interest. You will pay me a 10%  handling fee on any winnings.

Buona fortuna.
Thats….good luck…in Italian
Click here to read again how to play italian superenalotto.


  1. 1
    AMX // January 16th, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    I have recently used service option number 3 above to play the Italian SuperEnalotto in Italy and these guys really do process your game. They also send you a scanned copy of the receipts processed by Sisal the official lottery authority in Italy, which gives you 100% peace of mind that your numbers have been played in the Italian superenalotto…I live in Canada yet i play the lottery in Italy. :)
    thank you guys for your assistance & for the awesome service
    let’s cross the fingers hopefully to win the Jackpot

  2. 2
    Fernando Pimentel C. // February 24th, 2010 at 2:20 pm


    yo he jugado Superenalotto a traves de una agencia de venta de Loterías por Internet, OSA (Oversea Subscriber Agent). Quisiera saber si esta es una agencia confiable y autorizada por ustedes



  3. 3
    David Moss // February 24th, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    Sure we are serious, but we don’t speak Spanish. We play the superenalotto for you as an individual. We can supply references aswell.

  4. 4
    maria del carmo fernandes da silva // June 16th, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    e jugado en telefonica en la loteria italian super enealoto lotery promosion y recibi una carta como ganadora del premio quiero retificar si es verdad.respuesta urgente por favor

  5. 5
    mipc // June 17th, 2010 at 8:54 am

    You should have a italian lottery ticket. Check the numbers to the winning combination. If you have won then apply directly to SISAL.
    You should not be receiving emails/letters/phone calls saying you have won the superenalotto.
    Only with a genuine SISAL ticket can you cliam your superenalotto prize.

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