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Kim’s Video arrives in Salemi Sicily

Kim’s Video arrives in Salemi Sicily

Kim’s Video collection from New York has been donated and will be hosted in Salemi in Sicily.

Following a long journey across the pond in a container 55,000 videos from Kim’s Video Collection, owned by Yongman Kim from Korea, have arrived in Palermo Sicily Italy today.

This Saturday 28th February at 11am the container will arrive in Piazza Liberta of Salemi Sicily. But a little helping hand is required from the citizens of Salemi to help Kim’s videos reach their final destination.

The streets of Salemi are historic characteristic narrow streets which a container cannot pass, so the Salemi council is asking the people of Salemi to unite in harmony in Piazza Alicia Salemi, an hour later at midday to create a human chain to move the boxes of videos from the container to their final destination in Salemi civic museum.

To celebrate the arrival of Kim’s video in Salemi Saturday evening at 8pm in the arab-roman castle, in Piazza Alicia, the official inauguration takes place, with aperitifs, music and when some of Kim’s finest videos will be projected.

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Italian TV licence renewal

Italian TV licence renewal 2009.

MIPC would just like to remind clients that have already bought a house in Italy through MIPC that the deadline to renew your TV license in Italy is by the 28/02/09 extended from the 31/01/09.

The Italy TV licence and TV licensing in Italy is easy, go online to the RAI, the italian national TV and pay for a single domestic tv licence Euro 107.50

Further details are available in at the RAI subscription home page and in English here for the TV licence details

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Salemi Sicília ofereix 1.000 vivendes buides

Salemi Sicília

In the Spanish El Periodico saturday 21/2/09 there was an article about Salemi.

If you are spanish and arrived here and looking for further details, feel free to EMAIL MIPC for further information. See the link at the top of the page.

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Italy Politics book review

Italy Politics:

If you would like to read a brief introduction into Italian politics and particularly the recent political background that has positioned Italy into the 21st century and in the Eurozone I recommend you to read this book review in the London Review of books on  2 book on Italy politics by Perry Anderson.

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Italy superenalotto results

Clicca qui per i risultati del SUPERENALOTTO.

This is an old posting for recent results follow superenalotto results and how to play follow how to play italian superenalotto.


Didn’t get to post yesterday’s result straight away…it was San Valentino !!

Draw 20/09 14/02/09 : 02/14/09

7-32-43-50-68-73 & jolly 31

So we have a winner….you will be getting your money via paypal tomorrow.

WEll done.

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Inter v AC Milan kick off 20:30 San Siro Italy.

Inter v AC Milan

kick off 20:30 San Siro Italy.

Half time result 2-0

Final score 2-1 to Inter.

The famous Milan derby in Italy has kicked off. AC Milan v Inter Sunday 15/02/09.: 2/15/09
Maldini and Zenetti lead out Milan and Inter respectively. FC Internazionale Milano (inter) with 53 points at the top of serie A will be keeping Milan 6 points behind from moving closer to Juventus at 47.
David Beckham and rumours about staying at Milan rossi neri and not returning to LA Angeles Galaxy have even attracted the BBC back in UK to transmit the game live. More than you get here in Italy.
We’re in the Bar Moderna in Salemi, Sicily watching the live game.
Brazilian Kaka quickly recovered to be on the bench, whilst rumours of Chelsea’s interest circulate.
After Scolari’s departure and Dutchman Guus Hiddick taking over it may not only be Kaka their after, Jose Morinho talked about returning to the Mediaset TV channel, owned by Milan president and Italy Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Lets leave that to the “Special One”.
Milan coach Carlo Ancellotti is after 3 points to take Milan up the Serie A TIM league.
Current score 2-0

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Weather in Sicily : Snow

Weather in Sicily :

Today 13/02/09 : 02/13/09 i felt it needed to be reported that it is very cold (relatively to summer) in Sicily.

Yesterday for the first time in many years snow was reported at a low altitude of 200m.

Now for those of you that don’t really know Sicily there are some very mountaneous areas (Mount Etna) and you can ski in sicily for a short period over the sicilian winter.

This winter the weather in europe has been extremly severe and its even arrived here in Sicily. The month of January saw more rain than in the last 10 years, the fields are saturated, landslides are a regular occurance, side roads are flooded. Admittedly January is winter, but last year this time the sun was shining and it was already 20’C.

The locals have had enough, they just aren’t used to this volume of rain and cold, easterly winds. The usual sicilain smile has disapearred as people run from shops to shops. No chance to stop on the streets and have their relaxing chats and sit around on the sidewalk.

Rumours spread that come February things would change, but still more rain and cold. OK the sun does come out between the rainstorms but just not long enough to satisfy the sicilain lifestyle.

This morning there was even hailstone. Last night a power cut.

Most of the sicilain properties don’t have central heating, there just has never been the need. The houses in Sicily have thick walls to keep chilled during the hot summers, in winter it takes a lot to heat a house with portable heaters.

Lets hope the weather changes and spring in Sicily will be soon with us and we will be complaing that its too hot. If only…

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Italy lottery – Italian superenalotto

Italian superenalotto results. Italy lottery

Thursday 12/02/09 : draw 19/09

3-24-31-32-61-85 + jolly 17

Tuesday 10/02/09 : draw 18/09

11-18-47-80-89-90 &  jolly 70

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Salemi International Herald Tribune ; UK The Independent

Salemi :

Kims video collection relocation to Salemi in Sicily continues to travel round the world media.

Read the story in the International Herald Tribune

UK : The Independent

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Salemi Film – Salemi Music – Salemi Arts festival Sicily

Salemi Film – Salemi Music – Salemi Arts festival Sicily

Salemi Sicily continues to attract global attention in the film music and arts world. Following the recent announcement that Kims video from new york will relocate to Salemi, there has been much interest in the cultural agenda here in Salemi.

The Salemi council is looking for participants for a series of cultural events, including the Salemi film festival, Salemi music festival and the Salemi arts festival.

If you would like to participate please click EMAIL MIPC above and forward your details explaining what you could offer in participation in either of the above festivals.

If you are interested but not an exhibitor or potential participant and would like to find out more about visiting either of the above festivals then click here to email MIPC for further details.

ps Dates & details of the festival are yet to be finalised and will be released shortly.

Follow this link to read about the Salemi Art Festival that opens 8th August 2009

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