Salemi Film – Salemi Music – Salemi Arts festival Sicily

Salemi Film – Salemi Music – Salemi Arts festival Sicily

Salemi Sicily continues to attract global attention in the film music and arts world. Following the recent announcement that Kims video from new york will relocate to Salemi, there has been much interest in the cultural agenda here in Salemi.

The Salemi council is looking for participants for a series of cultural events, including the Salemi film festival, Salemi music festival and the Salemi arts festival.

If you would like to participate please click EMAIL MIPC above and forward your details explaining what you could offer in participation in either of the above festivals.

If you are interested but not an exhibitor or potential participant and would like to find out more about visiting either of the above festivals then click here to email MIPC for further details.

ps Dates & details of the festival are yet to be finalised and will be released shortly.

Follow this link to read about the Salemi Art Festival that opens 8th August 2009

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