Kim’s Video arrives in Salemi Sicily

Kim’s Video arrives in Salemi Sicily

Kim’s Video collection from New York has been donated and will be hosted in Salemi in Sicily.

Following a long journey across the pond in a container 55,000 videos from Kim’s Video Collection, owned by Yongman Kim from Korea, have arrived in Palermo Sicily Italy today.

This Saturday 28th February at 11am the container will arrive in Piazza Liberta of Salemi Sicily. But a little helping hand is required from the citizens of Salemi to help Kim’s videos reach their final destination.

The streets of Salemi are historic characteristic narrow streets which a container cannot pass, so the Salemi council is asking the people of Salemi to unite in harmony in Piazza Alicia Salemi, an hour later at midday to create a human chain to move the boxes of videos from the container to their final destination in Salemi civic museum.

To celebrate the arrival of Kim’s video in Salemi Saturday evening at 8pm in the arab-roman castle, in Piazza Alicia, the official inauguration takes place, with aperitifs, music and when some of Kim’s finest videos will be projected.

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  1. 1
    Tom // August 16th, 2010 at 5:42 am

    What ever happened to the Kim’s Video collection?

    I’d like to make a visit to Salemi this fall, and wonder if it is possible to see some olf movies while I’m there.

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