Weather in Sicily : Snow

Weather in Sicily :

Today 13/02/09 : 02/13/09 i felt it needed to be reported that it is very cold (relatively to summer) in Sicily.

Yesterday for the first time in many years snow was reported at a low altitude of 200m.

Now for those of you that don’t really know Sicily there are some very mountaneous areas (Mount Etna) and you can ski in sicily for a short period over the sicilian winter.

This winter the weather in europe has been extremly severe and its even arrived here in Sicily. The month of January saw more rain than in the last 10 years, the fields are saturated, landslides are a regular occurance, side roads are flooded. Admittedly January is winter, but last year this time the sun was shining and it was already 20’C.

The locals have had enough, they just aren’t used to this volume of rain and cold, easterly winds. The usual sicilain smile has disapearred as people run from shops to shops. No chance to stop on the streets and have their relaxing chats and sit around on the sidewalk.

Rumours spread that come February things would change, but still more rain and cold. OK the sun does come out between the rainstorms but just not long enough to satisfy the sicilain lifestyle.

This morning there was even hailstone. Last night a power cut.

Most of the sicilain properties don’t have central heating, there just has never been the need. The houses in Sicily have thick walls to keep chilled during the hot summers, in winter it takes a lot to heat a house with portable heaters.

Lets hope the weather changes and spring in Sicily will be soon with us and we will be complaing that its too hot. If only…

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Italy lottery – Italian superenalotto

Italian superenalotto results. Italy lottery

Thursday 12/02/09 : draw 19/09

3-24-31-32-61-85 + jolly 17

Tuesday 10/02/09 : draw 18/09

11-18-47-80-89-90 &  jolly 70

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Luton Airport saturday 7/02/09 update

Luton airport AGAIN. Starting to feel like Tom Hanks in The Terminal, pity they don’t charge for the trolleys here.

Due to the recent bad weather, snow, cancellations, rescheduling…. I thought an update on the status of flights at Luton airport was due. If you read my other post ( click “italy tourism” under the “Select postings by category”) you’ll realise my flight was cancelled on Thursday, so here we are again back at Luton airport ready for Saturday 7/02/09 departures from Luton airport.

Today on the news, websites, it was looking bad. Luton airport runway closed, shuttle bus to Luton airport cancelled, they even advised on BBC regional news to walk from Luton railway station !!! so i thought i’d set off early and make sure i made it. Well I obviously am not the only one, the depature lounge is full, people sleeping, chatting, blogging, drinking and even singing.

Buses are now running to Luton airport, so you can get here. The M1 is clear and the road to Luton airport is also clear. Access is good!! The car parks are snowed over, so go carefully parking up.  A few late departures from Luton airport have been CANCELLED, others rescheduled. This is worrying.

Non of the early morning flights have been cancelled. SO fingers crossed, if it doesn’t freeze over night we should all be heading off to our destinations.

PS. There is a group of guys in the bar, one has just started playing the guitar and singing. This is not Friday Night airport planned entertainment, but the guys good. OTher travellers are huddling in for a sing along. Its good to still see society can be friendly. The guys even just got an applause and the airport staff are joining in.

Have a safe and good journey.

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Italian Superenalotto results

Superenalotto Italy lottery results Today 3/2/09 or 2/3/09 (USA).
draw number 15 /2009
11-13-17-49-51-61 & jolly 8

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Italian Superenalotto results

Italian Superenalotto results

Clicca qui per i risultati del superenalotto.

This page is old but high in google search results….To learn how to play the superenalotto in Italy or view recent results follow this link to

Italian Superenalotto

Saturday 24/01/09 or USA 01/24/09
Italian lottery results for extration 11/09
2-4-13-23-28-68 jolly 43

Thursday 22/01/09 or in states 01/22/09
Italian lottery results for concorso 10/09
1-2-40-52-62-82 jolly 23
No jackpot winner.

Saturday Jackpot estimated at 36 million euros.

Fancy playing ??? Click on the category “Italian superenalotto Lottery Italy” to the right and see other blogs on how to play NOW.

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Earthquake Italy

Earthquake Italy
Tuesday 23rd December 2008 16:25pm
Measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale there was an earthquake in Italy. With the epicentre in Parma area. Other weaker quakes went on over night. No reported injuries.

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