Rome digital TV switchover

Rome leads Europe by becoming the first european capital to switch completly to “all digital” TV, beating London, Madrid and Paris. As from today at 10:30am the old TV analogue signal will be switched off and the whole city goes digital. 4.5 million citizens are affected in the province of Lazio including 2.5 million in the capital of Italy. If you have an Italian property, a house in Rome, an appartment in Rome or a flat in Rome then please ensure you have bought a new TV or at least purchased a digital decoder for your old TV and retune your TV regularly this month until 30/11/09 when the switch over from analogue to digital will be complete.

Any queries call the italian helpline on 800.022.000 or visit the website to check when your comune switches to digital in your italian property in Rome.

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Apply here for Italian property in Salemi Sicily. Cheap 1 euro free house in Italy.

APPLY HERE for the free houses in Sicily.

Everyone is talking about the Sicilian council of Salemi giving away cheap italian houses for 1 euro , but no one tells you how to actually apply for one of the italian properties in Salemi.

Well go no further.

I have spoke to the council of Salemi and know the application procedures to apply for a 1 euro house in Salemi.

Thank you to Mr Vittorio Sgarbi the mayor of Salemi, Sicilia for this regeneration initiative.

Email me (David) for further details or read the “recent entries” to the right for an introduction.

or visit the MIPC forum that is discussing this opportunity at

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