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Salemi, Sgarbi, BBC and Italian property are back in the news again.

Visit the new website exclusively about Salemi and how to apply for the 1 euro house in Salemi.

Mr Vittorio Sgarbi italian art critic and mayor of Salemi in Sicily has refused a place on the Italian reality TV show Fattoria edition number 4, turning down a potential two 2 million euro deal, time in Brazil (where it is filmed) and the chance of staring with his ex Elenoire Casalegno. This has triggered big news in Italy as it has also been made public that the BBC are to film a TV reality show about an english couple who are to buy a 1 euro italian property in Salemi Sicily. The mayor will star on the BBC reality show but not the Italian one.
The BBC have subcontracted this documentary about Salemi to an English TV production company. If you would like to take part in the reality show please visit REEF TV

If you have already been interviwed by them post your experience here at the Moss Italian Property blog.

This has agitated the Italian press whom are following Sgarbi intensively regarding the one euro, one pound, one buck house offer in Salemi as they are insistant that Sgarbi can not override the Italian law that these properties must go to auction. With 5000 investors interested in the cheap houses in Italy both Italian and international investors are waiting for the official news about how these houses will be sold, auctioned and allocated.
If its goes to auction will you be prepared to pay more than 1 euro ?
I’ve seen these houses and admittedly they are ruins and with refurbishment costs in sicily southern italy costing more than 1000 euros per square metre the houses will obviously cost more than 1 euro. Moss Italian Property Consultants MIPC are here in Salemi on the ground and can provide detailed information about these cheap houses in Salemi. Admittedly most of the clients who come to Salemi to view the houses in Salemi are tempted by the very cheap italian properties already on the market. MIPC are currently assisting clients to buy these properties before house prices in the town of Salemi start to raise due to the influx of international celebrities. If you would like to find out more subscribe to the RSS (top right hand corner) of this blog and keep up with the news not to miss out on a great investment in Italy.

One MIPC client, Sarah Darmody, recently posted on the MIPC BLOG (click and scroll to bottom) about her enjoyable experience in Salemi. This triggered an opiniated blogger under the name of Hugo to express his views about Salemi, Sgarbi and MIPC once again. This has been reported in the local Sicilian press, Osservatorio Sicilia this time in English. Who knows how many Italians understand the article in English, but its interesting reading. Thanks for the PR.

It is very good news that the BBC and Sgarbi have gone public as the MIPC consortium are in the process of purchasing a propety in Salemi. It confirms that MIPC identified a niche market that will definately show good returns on investment in the future.

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