Italian Property

Italy is in a lot better situation than many other countries, the bank system has held the financial tsunami and not a single bank has been recorded to be gone bankrupt. This s not only due to the tight method to issue mortgages hat Italian banks have always adopted but it’s mainly due to the good habit of the Italians of not getting into debt. The average debt value of Italians has increased in the last years but still doesn’t reach 50% of the available income whereas in the rest of Europe is about 100% with peaks in the UK of 160%.

Property prices in Italy haven’t drastically dropped and experts say that the prices will hold but still in this tough period you could easily find a really good deal from some seller who needs to sell his house quickly and this can only make Italy even more attractive for property investors.

Now you know the answer, buying a property in Italy is the best choice if you want to invest in a home overseas and this without even mentioning the climate, the food, the landscape and that you would love to use your investment to enjoy your holidays.

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