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Salemi, Sgarbi, BBC and Italian property are back in the news again.

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Mr Vittorio Sgarbi italian art critic and mayor of Salemi in Sicily has refused a place on the Italian reality TV show Fattoria edition number 4, turning down a potential two 2 million euro deal, time in Brazil (where it is filmed) and the chance of staring with his ex Elenoire Casalegno. This has triggered big news in Italy as it has also been made public that the BBC are to film a TV reality show about an english couple who are to buy a 1 euro italian property in Salemi Sicily. The mayor will star on the BBC reality show but not the Italian one.
The BBC have subcontracted this documentary about Salemi to an English TV production company. If you would like to take part in the reality Read the rest of this entry »

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