Valle Piola Gran Sasso medieval italian village for sale £485,000

Medieval village in Gran Sasso national park in Abruzzo for sale £485,000 /  Euros 555,000 / $800,000

italian restoration project

Valle Piola

The small abandoned mountain village of Valle Piola consists of a church, 11 stone delapidated stone houses and 2 farmers barns. Interesting proposal for the development of a boutique village/hotel.

View more photos here at Italian Property Valle Piola.

Estimated restoration fees at 1500euros/square metre would involve a development fund of at least 2 million+.

A similar business model has been developed at Santo Stefano di Sessanio and offers unique hotel accomodation in a medieval village. Meandering in the narrow village cobbled streets, history, luxury accomodation and restaurants around every corner. I visited Santo Stefano 4 years ago when it was in the stage of development. incredabile really that a mountain village can be refurbished and turn in a tourist destination. The weather here is great in summer with sun and fresh mountain air. In winter there are ski facilities nearby.

A similar business model is also been designed by the same architect of Santo Stefano in Salemi, Sicily. Here the ruins are for sale at 1 euro and registration for a property is open at Salemi.

In Italy there are many restoration properties available. You are advised to get a qualified surveyor and fixed price construction quotes for the restoration as many restoration projects heavily run over budget.

MIPC offers property restoration services in Sicily via our Italian construction firm.
Email MIPC for further details regarding any of the above projects.

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Earthquake Abruzzo Aquila Italy Emergency Helpline numbers

Earthquake Abruzzo Aquila Italy Emergency Helpline numbers :

Eartquake Italy Abruzzo Aquila International donation details

Rome 21:15pm 8th April 2009

I’ve managed to get contact details to where you can send a request to find out if your loved ones are still with us.

The Italian Protezione Civile have a list of identified persons who have died in the earthquake.

They also have a database of people whom have self declared that they are alive.

If your relatives have not declared they are alive nor or on the list of mortalities then there is the highly unprobable possibility that they are 1 of the 15 mortalities still not identified. (latest total deaths 272)

When you contact the Italian Civil Protection you must provide

  • your name
  • your contact details ; address/telephone or email
  • the fullname of the person you are looking for
  • the address where the person you are looking for lived.

You can call directly the Italian Civil Protection on 0039 0862 361255  They do speak a little english, but for communication reasons it may be better that you email them with the same above details to

Please be patient for a reply. They guarantee that they will reply to everyone.


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EARTHQUAKE Aquila Abruzzo Rome Italy Terremoto Abruzzo Aquilla

EARTHQUAKE Aquila Abruzzo Rome Italy

Follow this link to read our update from today 7th April about the Earthquake Abruzzo.

Earthquake Abruzzo Aquila Italy Emergency Helpline numbers CALL NOW to find relatives

The are some very moving stories in the comments (see end) of this blog and some detailed information about specific damage to certain villages near Aquila.

Italian Earthquake Abruzzo Official Donations website is the Italian Charity Caritas Italiana. see below.

  • 150 reported dead
  • 1500 injured
  • 10,000 buildings affected
  • 50,000 people affected
  • Aquilla is the mountainous region 50 miles North East of Rome. Rome not affected
  • Epicentre at Tornimparte, Abruzzo.
  • International help from Russia / France / Greece has been offered.
  • Berlusconi cancels his trip to Russia to visit Aquila.
  • Reports that last week an earthquake expert raised the alarm and was ignored.
  • Aquila hospital suffered. First Aid been delivered to casualties in the street.
  • Aftershock smaller tremours making rescue dangerous.
  • No official casualty list yet, nor helplines. Please be patient if you are looking for loved ones. Will publish when available.
  • Theres a good map of the locations suffered in the earthquake here thanks to ANSA. Click the small map at the bottom of their page to see in detail.
  • Remember its the older towns that really suffered, though there are cases of some modern buildings that have collapsed.

Italian Earthquake Abruzzo Official Donations website is the Italian Charity Caritas Italiana.

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