Palermo Airport PMO Sicily Italy

Palermo Airport PMO Sicily Italy

Palermo airport is the International gateway into West Sicily. Please also consider flying in to Trapani airport (TPS) for visiting West Sicily (45 mins from PMO), now serviced by Ryanair from over 25 destinations. Catania airport is great for the Sicilian east coast. (3 hours drive from PMO). All 3 airports are in Sicily if you are looking for nearest airport to Sicily.

Flights to PMO from Germany by AirBerlin

Follows a brief introduction to PMO to help you with your onward travels.

PMO is 30 minutes west of down town Palermo !!

Palermo airport is currently investing in the arrivals lounge, expanding and modernising it…finally.

Palermo airport layout

Welcome to the arrival lounge (ground floor) of Palermo airport. Small, chaotic and full of emotional sicilans greeting visitors. Grab a bottle of water (bottiglia d’acqua 2euros) from the bar on the right, you’ll need it gets hot during the summer in Sicily and it maybe an hour before you get another chance to get a drink.

1st floor is check in for departures : take the lift or the staircase on the left in the arrivals lounge.

2nd floor is for boarding departures

Money :Get some euros here, as a lot of sicilian cash points / hole in the walls are not on the international cash withdrawal network. Stairs on left to 1st floor there is a cash point in the middle of the gangway near the few shops. Or one also on the 2nd floor near checkin point for departures. Only Italian logic explains why there isn’t one in the arrivals lounge.

Amenities : Bar in arrivals lounge. Restaurant 2nd floor, few shops for those last minute presents before departure.

Once you are beyond check in …don’t expect much…just bars.

Car Hire : Driving in Palermo is to say the least chaotic. Don’t expect anyone to respect the rules. Driving quickly and confidently helps to avoid accidents due to hesitation. It is not for the light hearted. The car hire shuttle bus runs from directly out side the arrivals lounge. Red bus easy to find. If you must walk to the car hire depo. Exit departure lounge head left. Walk up road watch out for oncoming traffic. 400metres. Keep left at the roundabout and then continue up the road. A further 400 metres and then you’ll find it on the left (Reverse action if you are in a rush on you return and running late for your plane. Takes 10 mins). On returning your hire car when you approach the aiport at the first roundabout take first right (if though continuing), 2nd roundabout (first right again) away from the airport terminal. 200metres ahead hook left and pull into car hire depo. Offices in big building in front of you. Shuttle bus at end of depo offices on left looking at building (accessed from the double doors at the end of the car hire office building) Take red bus..3 minute journey. 10 miunte walk see above. All major car hire companies have a presence. Make sure you check the car before driving off, the locals will give you a “full” tank, if it isn’t full tell them and mark it 7/8 full.

Nearest/Last petrol station for fulling up return hire car. This isn’t easy and it isn’t near the airport, so plan for this on your return. If you are approaching from Palermo, then you should top up to the brim in Palermo City centre, as the 30 minute jouney may mean you arrive at the airport not quite full enough, hence the 7/8 tank above…match it. Best bet if you need to hand it full 8/8 is to find the nearest petrol station. If your coming from Palermo its the first exit after the airport exit. If your coming from the west (trapani) then its the penultimate exit before the airport, called “Villanuova di Cinisi….”, and just after the first 2 tunnels you will come across . Exit motorway proceed to the junction. Turn right and the neareast petrol station to palermo airport is on your left after 100m, if its closed use the cash petrol dispenser. When returning follow motorway signs to Palermo and then exit to airport at the first exit.

Connecting from Palermo airport(PMO) to Palermo city centre railway station (stazione centrale).

Bus: Buses directly outside the arrivals lounge to and from the central palermo railway station. Good regular service every 30 mins. Journey takes just over an hour, depending on traffic.

Taxi : Directly outside the arrivals lounge. A taxi to and from Palermo centre will set you back from 40-45 euros.

Train: Good connecting train service from PMO to downtown Palermo. Though its not well sign posted and a little walk from the airport. I would personally advise the bus as you know its destination and then travel on from there.

Need to get to Trapani from Palermo airport ?

There is a direct bus from Palermo airport to Trapani city center bus station, but it only runs twice a day at 12:30 & at 18:30 and the journey time is 1 hour 10 mins. (bus company is called Segesta.) Otherwise you should travel to Palermo and then from there head to Trapani, bus. Hey thats a long journey and a lot of hassle. Consider using HErtz 1 hour car hire service and drive from Palermo to Trapani. Last time i did that it only cost 40Euros, cheaper than a taxi.

There is a train that runs from Palermo to Trapani but it takes nearly 2 hours as it goes to the south coast via Castelvetrano, Mazara del Vallo, Marsala then Trapani. Very easy but a long journey through the Belice valley and along the south west coast of Sicily, but great scenery.

For further details visit : good luck

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