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Salemi roman castle

Salemi Castle

Remember Salemi ? and the 1 Euro property regeneration project…

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Sgarbi Salemi Sicily Italy

Sgarbi Salemi

Today saw an article about the mayor of Salemi Sicily in the LA Times. He is an amazing guy that manages to get in the press across the whole world, whilst promoting Salemi Sicily.

You can find further details about Salemi, Sgarbi, Sicily and the 1 euro property development offer here in this blog.

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If you wish to register for one of the 1 euro properties then follow this link Salemi

Interestingly Moss Italian Property Consultants  hosted some clients in Salemi from New York today who viewed many of the 1 euro property in Salemi and other interesting properties in Salemi. They are interested in opening a sicilain culinary school here. If you have any intersting ideas for Salemi we would like to hear from you. Click “EMAIL MIPC” at the top of this page to request more information about Salemi or to send us your business proposals.

MIPC is organising MIPC Discovering Salemi trips for you to come and visit Salemi. Find further details at MIPC Discovering Salemi

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MAFIA : the Mediterranean Association for International Affairs.

Salemi councillor, Toscani has registered the brand MAFIA on behalf of the Sicilian town, Salemi in Italy.

In a controversial move the Salemi mayor, Vittorio Sgarbi, said that Oliviero Toscani, (councillor for creativity for Salemi and currently responsible for communication regarding the offer of the 1 Euro houses in Salemi, Sicily, Italy) was “thinking about the advantages of the town”.

Salemi 1 euro house Sicily

Toscani revealed regarding The acronym M.A.F.I.A that ”There is no particular study behind this label… We will use it as a vehicle for some communication projects,” he said.

Sgarbi – himself no stranger to controversy – invited Toscani to form part of his inner cabinet when he won the local elections on a centrist UDC and Christian Democrat coalition ticket in June.

The motormouth art critic left his post in Milan after months of disputes with centre-right mayor Letizia Moratti, including one over a gay art show that was to have featured a sculpture of Pope Benedict XVI in drag.

Sgarbi’s vision of regeneration in Salemi was highlighted with the Salemi councils offer of properties in Italy at 1 Euro. These cheap houses offer the possibility to buy a house in Italy.

FInd out further details at MIPC Salemi website

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