Good Friday Sicily Italy Easter in Trapani

Italy Good Friday, Easter.

I spent good friday working in Palermo, sourcing italian properties in sicily. I was amazed to see so many local italians at work. The town centre was full of tourists as the good friday procession brought the traffic to a grinding halt. Driving in Palermo down town is to say the least entertaining and dangerous. I viewed a beautiful classic 400 square metre appartment right on Piazza Marina Palermo. If anyone wants further details please contact MIPC directly.

Also managed to get to Cefalu and view the famous writer artist witch culturist (do you know him?) Aleisteir Crowley’s house…interesting project.

A national holiday that saw the funerals of the Abruzzo Earthquake. A very moving day here in Italy. All over Italy the easter religious festivals started. The processions of Jesus on the cross where visible everywhere and people praying for those suffering in Abruzzo after the earthquake.

Later in the evening I was in Trapani, where there is a very famous religious procession know as the “misteri”. All the different quarters/business have their own statues and they carry them down the streets playing music. The music still sounds like that from The Godfather film.

I’ve posted a video of Trapani misteri good friday processionon on you tube. Follow this link to have a look. Trapani Good Friday Misteri (not the best of videos but it was late !!!)

Today Saturday there has been a minutes silence at the Italian football matches.

Tomorrow Easter Sunday in Sicily the churches will be full in true Italian style.

Happy Easter to everyone and please pray for the people that suffered in the Abruzzo Earthquake.

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