Wikileaks Berlusconi Italy Putin

Wikileaks Berlusconi Italy Putin

Wikileaks finally managed to publish much awaited documents and reports today. Our interest here in Italy is what they have to say about Berlusconi.

In a period when Berlusconi’s reign is “leaking” it will be interesting to see how the Italian and international media pick up on his relationship with the Russian president Putin and whether he really is the western european spokesman with Russia, as suggested by Hilary Clinton.

Berlusconi’s control of Italy is slipping and any other western European prime minister would have walked months if not years ago. What with affairs with Ruby and B’s taste for young girls, Fini walking out of his government, EU threatening fines for Naples refuge collection (or lack of) chaos, B’s x-senator Ulti been accused of been the middleman between the mafia Casa Nostra and B….any normal society would have expected his resignation ages ago. But NO Berlusconi continues to walk tall, in a promiscuous society that admires his manhood….as he said “better to like girls than be gay”….in a society where the students appear to have fun marching the streets for education reforms and viewers that are still fixated with Big Brother and only recently in the Italian BB11 they are still sending in girlfriends  of contestants to challenge on screen affairs….yet the press doesn’t even talk about Dolce & Gabbana’s massive multi million tax evasion fraud…probably because they have massive advertising budgets with both TV’s and the press…would that be Berlusconi’s TV and media monopoly by any chance ??….all added up it makes that loveable Italy that i choose to live in.

But what will happen with the latest Wikileaks….will the left attack Berlusconi for his Russian friendship…or has he a more international role than is portrayed…it will be an interesting week to follow.

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berlusconi hit

Berlusconi had been signing autographs and shaking hands with the public minutes after addressing crowds at a rally for his People of Freedom party in front of the Duomo in Milan when he was hit in the mouth this evening.





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Berlusconi Italian stallion sex D’Addario Italy

Berlusconi italian prime minister today will face public exposure today as ex call girl D’Addraio publishes some revealing stories on Berlusconi and his sex life that took place in his italian property.
Berlusconi, italian prime minister, continues to hit the headlines unfortunately not for his politics. With an on going divorce (Veronica Lario), international gaffs (Obama tanned), corruption investigations as his legal immunity is removed (along with David Mills, estranged husband of UK minister Tessa Jowell) the latest claims that he is an italian stallion makes you wonder how does he get away with it? Even the magazine “rolling stone” in Italy have voted him “rockstar of the year”. So would you if you had seen in him action at his italian property in Sardenia.
Read more in the Independent, Telegraph.

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Berlusconi european president


I must send compliments to my friend John, journalist at the UK The Guardian & based in Rome. His article today sums up Berlusconi perfectly and I would recommend you to read it, including between the lines….not just skim it…It makes you understand the true Italy. Coincidently I had heard that Berlusconi was considering running for the new European President job. I hope The Guardian article wasn’t aimed at ruining his chances…Gordon Brown are you still backing Tony Blair ??? …..or was the dig at Berlusconi just a Halloween hokes??

Would you vote for Berlusconi as the New European President ?

Serious comments only please.

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Berlusconi legal immunity Italy prime minister

Berlusconi legal immunity was overruled, removed, annulled, cancelled yesterday.

Berlusconi  prime minister of Italy during lhis ast term enforced the Alfano Law which was not really an immunity law but simply a suspension of the judicial process for himself and 2 other ministers in his government.

Berlusconi has claims against him of corruption and financial irregularities in his media empire. Court procedures against him were stopped after he introduced the Alfano Law.

Just to put this into perspective Berlusconi is prime minister, media magnet (newspapers & TV), AC Milan football club owner and surely has many more activities. This is like Rupert Murdoch been voted as the new prime minister and inventing a law that blocks any legal action against himself whilst in office !!!

The overruling by the Constitutional Court of the Alfano Law now means that Berlusconi could shortly be in court defending himself against corruption claims, one of which invloved David Mills, estranged husband of UK minister Tessa Jowell, whom is currently serving 4.5 years for the corruption.

Politically if key coalition members The Northen League now withdraw from Berlusconi’ coalition then this could trigger a general election.

But to be honest…Berlusconi has survived a recent divorce, allegations of young call girls and now this and much more…and the Italians still look up to him as a role model….in Berlusconi’s words “These things invigorate me, they invigorate italians. Long live Itlay, long live Berlusconi” !!!!

Discussed further in detail in the UK Times today : Berlusconi

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Berlusconi Divorce

Berlusconi Divorce

Italian president Silvio Berlusconi’s wife, Veronica Lario, has filed for divorce.

Notice how the media deal with this divorce differently to any other world leader’s personal relationships. Amazingly Italian private affairs colourful as they are don’t damage a politicians career, unlike in many other countries.

Berlusconi known to have a soft spot for young attractive women, and even promoting models into his ministerial cabinet, like Mara Carfagna, a former topless model who is now his Minister for Equal Opportunities, may have gone too far recently when he was spotted attending an 18 year girls birthday party, whom referred to him as dad. Whether it is one of his many illegitimate daughters or a lover was unclear.

Married since 1990 Berlusconi’s wife , Lario, whoms real name is Miriam Raffaella Bartolini, was recently drawn into a political scandel critising her husbands choice of female candidates for the european elections for Berlusconi’s political  party the People of Freedom.

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Silvio Berlusconi : Is he losing it ?

First he complimented Barack Obama’s “tan”, then he played hide and seek with the German leader. He has even annoyed the Queen by being too loud.

Now gaffe-prone Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has held up the start of a key Nato summit – by talking for too long on his mobile phone.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel waited on a red carpet for several minutes looking bemused as the call dragged on.

She finally opted to start the event’s opening ceremony without the Italian. Read the rest of this entry »

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