Italian TV licence Italy

Update for 2013 the license for your television in Italy is 113,50 euros and due by 1/31/13. Visit the italian national TV website and click your lingo flag in top right hand corner for details in German, Spanish, French & English.  Any doubts for a normal family house with 1 or more TVs simply pay the “abbonomenti ordinari” ordinary subscription.

Where & how to pay ? New subscribers

Existing subscribers you just need your TV licence number and a special code both on the renewal form you should have rec’d and then you can pay online at these sites: GruppoEquitalia or PaschiRiscossione


Update for 2012 the italian tv licence fee is 112euros and due by 31/1/12. Visit RAI to pay

Italian TV licence annual renewal is due by 31st January 2010 for any of you that own a house in Italy with a TV in the italian property. This is know by the Italian state TV the RAI as a subscription. Visit RAI for further details and how to pay (click relevant language flag in bottom left corner). This also applies to you italian abroad still owning your house in Italy. Annual subscription 109 euros for 12 months.

ps Some of you may have searched italy TV license not Italian TV licence.

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Italian Limited company SRL

Italian Limited company SRL

Further to recent investigations regarding using a UK limited liability company with registered branches in Italy or setting up an independent Italian corporate identity i would like to further discuss the Italian limited liability company known in Italy as SRL (Società a responsabilità limitata), literally translated as “company with limited responsibility.” And similar to a UK ltd company.

For those of you considering DIY restoration of your Italian property, there are certain options. Read the rest of this entry »

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Italy Bank Account

Italy Bank account

How to open a bank current account in Italy

About to buy a property in Italy and you are a non resident Italian then you will need to open an Italian bank current account in Euros.

Why do I need specifically an Italian bank account?

With an Italian current account you could obtain a mortgage to purchase the Italian property, pay the vendor and after the purchase pay bills and Italian taxes.

1) Current account and mortgage
Some Italian banks dedicate services to no resident citizens to help them to buy a property in Italy. Read the rest of this entry »

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Berlusconi Italian stallion sex D’Addario Italy

Berlusconi italian prime minister today will face public exposure today as ex call girl D’Addraio publishes some revealing stories on Berlusconi and his sex life that took place in his italian property.
Berlusconi, italian prime minister, continues to hit the headlines unfortunately not for his politics. With an on going divorce (Veronica Lario), international gaffs (Obama tanned), corruption investigations as his legal immunity is removed (along with David Mills, estranged husband of UK minister Tessa Jowell) the latest claims that he is an italian stallion makes you wonder how does he get away with it? Even the magazine “rolling stone” in Italy have voted him “rockstar of the year”. So would you if you had seen in him action at his italian property in Sardenia.
Read more in the Independent, Telegraph.

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