Wikileaks Berlusconi Italy Putin

Wikileaks Berlusconi Italy Putin

Wikileaks finally managed to publish much awaited documents and reports today. Our interest here in Italy is what they have to say about Berlusconi.

In a period when Berlusconi’s reign is “leaking” it will be interesting to see how the Italian and international media pick up on his relationship with the Russian president Putin and whether he really is the western european spokesman with Russia, as suggested by Hilary Clinton.

Berlusconi’s control of Italy is slipping and any other western European prime minister would have walked months if not years ago. What with affairs with Ruby and B’s taste for young girls, Fini walking out of his government, EU threatening fines for Naples refuge collection (or lack of) chaos, B’s x-senator Ulti been accused of been the middleman between the mafia Casa Nostra and B….any normal society would have expected his resignation ages ago. But NO Berlusconi continues to walk tall, in a promiscuous society that admires his manhood….as he said “better to like girls than be gay”….in a society where the students appear to have fun marching the streets for education reforms and viewers that are still fixated with Big Brother and only recently in the Italian BB11 they are still sending in girlfriends  of contestants to challenge on screen affairs….yet the press doesn’t even talk about Dolce & Gabbana’s massive multi million tax evasion fraud…probably because they have massive advertising budgets with both TV’s and the press…would that be Berlusconi’s TV and media monopoly by any chance ??….all added up it makes that loveable Italy that i choose to live in.

But what will happen with the latest Wikileaks….will the left attack Berlusconi for his Russian friendship…or has he a more international role than is portrayed…it will be an interesting week to follow.

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