Berlusconi Divorce

Berlusconi Divorce

Italian president Silvio Berlusconi’s wife, Veronica Lario, has filed for divorce.

Notice how the media deal with this divorce differently to any other world leader’s personal relationships. Amazingly Italian private affairs colourful as they are don’t damage a politicians career, unlike in many other countries.

Berlusconi known to have a soft spot for young attractive women, and even promoting models into his ministerial cabinet, like Mara Carfagna, a former topless model who is now his Minister for Equal Opportunities, may have gone too far recently when he was spotted attending an 18 year girls birthday party, whom referred to him as dad. Whether it is one of his many illegitimate daughters or a lover was unclear.

Married since 1990 Berlusconi’s wife , Lario, whoms real name is Miriam Raffaella Bartolini, was recently drawn into a political scandel critising her husbands choice of female candidates for the european elections for Berlusconi’s political  party the People of Freedom.

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