Berlusconi legal immunity Italy prime minister

Berlusconi legal immunity was overruled, removed, annulled, cancelled yesterday.

Berlusconi  prime minister of Italy during lhis ast term enforced the Alfano Law which was not really an immunity law but simply a suspension of the judicial process for himself and 2 other ministers in his government.

Berlusconi has claims against him of corruption and financial irregularities in his media empire. Court procedures against him were stopped after he introduced the Alfano Law.

Just to put this into perspective Berlusconi is prime minister, media magnet (newspapers & TV), AC Milan football club owner and surely has many more activities. This is like Rupert Murdoch been voted as the new prime minister and inventing a law that blocks any legal action against himself whilst in office !!!

The overruling by the Constitutional Court of the Alfano Law now means that Berlusconi could shortly be in court defending himself against corruption claims, one of which invloved David Mills, estranged husband of UK minister Tessa Jowell, whom is currently serving 4.5 years for the corruption.

Politically if key coalition members The Northen League now withdraw from Berlusconi’ coalition then this could trigger a general election.

But to be honest…Berlusconi has survived a recent divorce, allegations of young call girls and now this and much more…and the Italians still look up to him as a role model….in Berlusconi’s words “These things invigorate me, they invigorate italians. Long live Itlay, long live Berlusconi” !!!!

Discussed further in detail in the UK Times today : Berlusconi

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