Salemi “1 euro houses” project

Latest news from Salemi regarding the 1 Euro house regeneration project in Salemi, Sicily, Italy.

So are you still keen to buy a house in Italy ???

The offer is finally starting to materialise after a few months of doubting belief.!!!!

If you haven’t applied yet or doubted the offer ACT QUICKLY before you miss out. Upgrade to MIPC Salemi premium service and we will personally process your letter of intent, so you too can be considered for a 1 Euro house in Salemi, Sicily.

mipc - get a 1 euro house

MIPC is now an official partner of the Salemi council.

For those of you who used the MIPC Salemi 1 euro house free service to submit a letter of intent for the 1 euro house in Salemi you should have, by now, recieved an email copy of your letter in .pdf format from MIPC, with a registration number on the letter,  that is assuming you submitted a correct email address at the time. [Latest applicants will be recieving their copies over the weekend].

On wednesday the council of Salemi sent to all the registered interested parties an invite to participate in a UK TV documentary been produced by If you are intreseted in been one of the protaganists of this documentary then i hope you have forwarded your interest to them. If you need further details email MIPC or go directly to the contact there is Owen O’Shea.

This morning the Salemi council emailed all the registered interested parties an invite to reply to them with a “letter of introduction” about yourself. If you are an MIPC free user, as explained at the time, your relationship is now directly with the council. (unless you want MIPC to act on your behalf) Good luck I’d advise you to send your letter of introduction asap.

For MIPC free users who now may feel a little lost on what now to do then either relate directly with the council or if you wish MIPC to act on your behalf then upgrade to an MIPC Salemi Premium member and take advantage of MIPC’s official partner relationship with the council. I have spoke to the council this morning and have a good indication of the information they are seeking from you.

Of course all existing MIPC Premium users and those of you who have already upgraded will be receiving an email with further details on the next step to guarantee your participation in the offer of a 1 Euro house in Salemi.

Here is a copy of the email sent to interested parties with directions to follow to proceed to the next step in acquiring a 1 Euro house in Salemi.

Dear friends,

The Mayor, the Aldermen and the entire administration of Salemi thank you for the interest in our project “case a 1 euro” (1 euro houses)

Thousands of people contacted us for information about the project and soon we will be able to describe the application process.

We would like to know you better, so please send us a letter of introduction to this mail address:

The rebuilding of Salemi does not end in restructuring the Old Town.

We want to give new life to the city starting with who will be its new inhabitants.

Tell us about yourself, your business, your family, we would like to know why you want to come to Salemi and how you intend to bring life to the city.

We hope to share with you our passion in creating a new Salemi.

We wait for you.

L’Assessore alla Creatività

Il Sindaco

Oliviero Toscani

Vittorio Sgarbi

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