Progetto case a 1 euro – Salemi | 1 euro houses project – Salemi, Italy

Salemi Sicily back in the news again. Did you receive the following email from the Salemi council in Sicily regarding your Salemi letter of introduction ?

Have you read the MIPC Salemi 1 euro villa newsletter yet?

Comune di Salemi

Cari amici,

Ringraziamo chi ci ha già inviato la lettera di presentazione ed esortiamo chi non lo ancora fatto.

Stiamo lavorando alle numerose richieste che ci sono pervenute.

Il nostro team di ingegneri e architetti sarà in grado di presentare un progetto definitivo a breve e al più presto avrete nostre notizie.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for submitting your Letter of Introduction regarding the 1 Euro house in Salemi, Sicily.

We are working hard studying your emails and your Letter of Introduction.

Our engineers and architects will soon be in a position to present the final Salemi project.

We will circulate further information shortly.

Il Sindaco, Vittorio Sgarbi

L’Assessore alla Creatività, Oliviero Toscani

First observation their English is getting better…I wonder who helped ??

Admittedly they are playing for a little more time, it is a large regeneration project.

So if you are looking to buy a house in Salemi or apply for a 1 Euro property in Salemi, (some also refer to them as a 1 Euro Villa in Salemi) then you’ve landed at the right blog.

Moss Italian Property Consultants are here to help you with the official paperwork.

You should have already sent the Salemi council your Salemi letter of introduction if you haven’t done so get it done quickly.

Register with Moss Italian Property Consultants to receive the next edition of the MIPC Salemi Newsletter

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    John Thompson // January 20th, 2009 at 9:25 am

    Thanks thats answered a few of my questions. Nice newsletter


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