Venice Airport VCE

Venice Airport VCE

There are 2 airports in/near Venice. Please note which you need to return home from as otherwise you may find yourself in the wrong departure lounge :-(

Closest to Venice is the Marco Polo Airport (VCE) , 15 minutes east of Mestre, used by major airlines.

Nearby is Treviso airport (TSF) also referred to as Venice by certain low cost airlines likes Ryanair, which is 30 minutes north east of Venice.

Either is great for visiting Venice. Both are also used for skiing in Italy in the Italian Dolomite ski region for resorts such as Cortina, Arabba, Selva di Cadore, Corvara, Colfosco, Alleghe.

Here is a brief outline about Venice Marco Polo Airport VCE Read the rest of this entry »

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Italian Domestic Flights : Ryanair Italy suspended

Italian Domestic Flights have suspended Italian domestic internal flights in Italy as from 23rd January 2010 due to ENAC lowering the identity requirements for travellers. (click to see Ryanair press release). Some say it is Ryanair taking advantage to cut flights during the low season and in a loss period others agree further to recent international terrorism alerts. Its not clear the date when their Italian domestic flight service will start again so in the short term so what are your alternatives ??

Update 7/01/10: Ryanair italian domestic flights restored Read the rest of this entry »

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Ryanair OnAir | Online check in changes

Ryanair online check in changes

Ryanair europes low cost airline connects Italy to many European destinations and is even worth considering for domestic internal flights in Italy.

These cheap flights give great opportunities to those who buy a house in Italy and then rent a house in Italy to others.

Ryanair has as of today changed its online check in procedures. The 10 euro/sterling charge previously paid for those that checked in the traditional way has now been cancelled !!! Because with Ryanair as from today you CANNOT check in at the airport. You MUST do online check in before your flight starting 14 days prior till 40 mins before scheduled departure. Those with luggage (not hand luggage) will have to use a new drop off service.

POST your personal experiences of this drop off service here in the comments below.

Hidden in the small print of the press release is that from TODAY we will all be charged a 5 euro online check in fee !! Ryanair saves money closing the check in desks YET raises the charges of online check in !!!

Ryanair OnAir mobile service

Though we can’t criticise Ryanair as yesterday on an internal Italian flight I had the opportunity to use the new on flight ryanair mobile OnAir service. Yes you can be in the clouds and call/text your loved ones to tell them where you are !! or as the Ryanair press release stated to tell them that “yet another Ryanair flight is on time”.

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Ryanair devalue sterling against Euro.

Does anyone know when this first happened ?
Yesterday flying with Ryanair they announced that the inboard price list is not valid. Due to recent devaluation of sterling only the Euro prices on the inboard list are now valid and if you want to pay in sterling the exchange rate was 1 euro = 1 sterling.
Maybe Ryanair were the pioneer of the 1 sterling = 1 euro as it is over 12 months that his £10 sterling flights could be bought in Euroland for 10 Euros.!!!
Thank you to Ryanair for their cheap travel it makes buying a property in Italy so easy.

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Ryanair emergency landing Rome Ciampino, Italy.

A Ryanair plane flying from Frankfurt made an emergency landing at Rome’s Ciampino airport this morning. Passengers to Italy heard a bang as a the plane flew in to flock of birds, starlings. The left wing landing equipment failed to operate correctly as the plane skidded to a halt.

The airport was closed and other flights were directed to Rome’s Fiumicino. None of the passengers who all exited the plane via the emergency shoutes were seriously injured.

Ryaniar the low cost budget airline has successfully opened up access to Italy over the last few years with regular flights to many of Italy’s major cities.

mipc - get a 1 euro house

MIPC understand that Ryanair is expanding its flights to Trapani in Sicily, increasing access to international property investors whom wish to buy a house in Sicily, Italy.

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