Italian Property investment

Italian property – 66% rise for a property investment in Italy.

Close Tresury report that property prices in Italy increased by 30% since 2005. Together with the rise in value of the euro against sterling in the same perio of 27% makes a combined increase in the value of italian property of nearly 66% for UK sterling property investors in Italy.

This 66% rise in value of property in Italy (based on a sterling investment portfolio) only applies if you bought a house in Italy without a sterling mortgage. If you took out a  mortgage in Italy in Euros to finance your italian property investment and managed to pay your monthly italian mortgage installments from your Euro rental  income in Italy then the calculation is still valid.

Mark Taylor, head of foreign exchange with Close Treasury said: ““Even though overseas property prices tend to have fallen in the last year, in many cases the fall in the value of Sterling will have offset this, and many people may still have seen the value of their homes increase in Sterling terms.”

If you are an italian property owner and wish to liquidate your earnings please contact MIPC to sell your property in Italy, we have clients whom wish to buy a house in Italy and we are currently looking for quality italian property.

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Ryanair devalue sterling against Euro.

Does anyone know when this first happened ?
Yesterday flying with Ryanair they announced that the inboard price list is not valid. Due to recent devaluation of sterling only the Euro prices on the inboard list are now valid and if you want to pay in sterling the exchange rate was 1 euro = 1 sterling.
Maybe Ryanair were the pioneer of the 1 sterling = 1 euro as it is over 12 months that his £10 sterling flights could be bought in Euroland for 10 Euros.!!!
Thank you to Ryanair for their cheap travel it makes buying a property in Italy so easy.

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