Italian lighthouse for sale Italy Marettimo

The italian defense department has recently offered for sale some of her assets, including some intersting buildings. One in particulr is the light house on the italian island of Marettimo in the Egadi islands near Trapani sicily, next to the islands od Levanzo and Favignana. I will be visiting it on Sunday to take some photos and will report back next week. This is an interesting italian property development opportunity of a lighthouse on an accesabile island in Italy, I see a boutique hotel/residence with an exclusive mooring for yachts and a private jet runway or helicpoter landing pad….Buy a piece of italian history…sign up to our RSS to keep updated on this italian historic building development opportunity in Italy on the Egadi Islands near Trapani, Sicily in Marettimo.

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Salemi MIPC 1 Euro house Sicily : Newsletter

Salemi :
MIPC has just released a newsletter about the Salemi council ” 1 Euro house ” offer.

Quote from newsletter:
The Letter of Introduction is a means for the Salemi council to understand if you are still interested in their offer and to understand who you are. MIPC understand that the Salemi council wish to build a sustainable community. They are looking for 60% residential occupancy of the houses. MIPC understands that their target market is an artistic and culturally

Feel free to download the MIPC Newsletter in .pdf Adobe format at:
or view on line at

In the newsletter there is also information about buying a house in Italy, Sicilian property and Property in the Egadi Islands including Favignana and Marettimo.

Happy New Year.

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