Palermo airport PMO open or closed ?

Palermo airport Sicily PMO has been closed all weekend after a Wind Jet airplane over ran the landing strip on Friday. No injuries thankfullly.

Most incoming flights are been diverted to Trapani airport TPS, which is approxiamately 1 hour from Palermo airport PMO. Should you be diverted to TPS there is a Terravision bus from TPS to downtown Palermo railway station, so it shouldn’t really ruin your travel plans. Should you need to get directly to PMO from TPS i would personally advise the best solution to hire a car from TPS a drop it off at PMO. Some car rentals offer hourly shouldn’t cost you more than 40 euros, that’s if your airline fails to provide transfer transport.

Outgoing flights from PMO may have been transferred to TPS for departure. If you cannot get directly to TPS then present yourself at PMO 3 hours before departure as there is a transfer bus to TPS.

As always check with your airline for specific details of your flight.

Click these links for further information about PMO or TPS.

LATEST NEWS: As of today Sunday 26/9/10 PMO airport should be back in full function after 14:00 local time. PMO Palermo airport.

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