Italian Shopping Centres

Shopping centre growth in Lombardy will slow to 15% over the period 2007 to 2010, while malls quickly expand in the rest of Italy, says a study by Larry Smith Italia, a retail consulting firm.
It predicts malls grow by 67% in the northeast’s Friuli Venezia Giulia, and by 47% in the northwest’s Liguria. Down south, in the island of Sicily, big retail is expanding by 167%. Average retail growth for the nation is expected to reach 25%. With 167 shopping centres, Lombardy is Italy’s most developed retail market. Italy’s economic heart and home to Milan can expect to see a shift toward larger shopping centres, but also a trend away from locations in the periphery.
Larry Smith predicts malls will increasingly occupy urban renewal sites in the city. Small shopping centres (5,000 – 19,999 m sq.), which currently make up 118 of the total, will not proliferate. They will give ground to large shopping centres (40,0000 to 79,999 sq m), which are expected to expand by 31%. pfe.

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