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22/5/11 : Todays eruption of Grimsvotn has only affected flights in Iceland so far.

The text below was posted in April 2010 :

Volcano eruptions in iceland have sent ash into the stratosphere and all flights in/out of the UK are cancelled. Holiday travellers heading for a holiday in Italy should check your airline website to confirm if your flight is leaving. Today Thursday no flights are leaving the UK. Many flight from Italy to the UK have been cancelled. Italian airports are affected by this dust cloud / ash cloud / ash plume. Internal domestic flights in Italy are operating.

Monday 19/4 update : In the UK there is a Cobra meeting to address the international travel issue. All airports in UK closed till tuesday 1pm local time. Ryanair cancelled flights for travel upto wednesday.

If you are travelling America to Italy, go via Rome/Milan, not UK.

Northern Europe airports are all closed. Try to use Spain as your nearest airport to northern europe and then travel onwards by land or sea.

I’m looking at getting the train from Northern England to Sicily. its a 2 day journey….will keep you posted.

Eruzione di un vulcano. Voli per inghilterra cancellato.

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