Mokarta archaeology Bronze Age

Mokarta archaeology:

This morning a beautiful spring day here in Sicily, with the sun shining it’s already 15’C. Its been along winter, but finally morning walks are a pleasure. I had heard about the Mokarta archaeology site but never been to visit, so this morning it was a great excuse to get in to the coutryside. No expert in archaeology i didn’t know what to expect, who to see or what… Yes I have already visited Selinunte and Segesta but the local Mokarta, Monte Polizzo and Contrada Pittrazzi  had so far evaded my attention.

In the process of optimising the photos, but meanwhile if you want to do a little research about archaeology in Salemi, Trapani, South West Sicily follow some of these links. If your due to visit here for an archaelogical dig in Salemi, Sicily then let me know, i’d love to hear from you and learn more.


Monte Polizzo

Contrada Pittrazzi

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