Italian Social Card : Robin Hood Tax

The new Italian social card launches in January 2009. Blue, no holder’s name and aimed at the Italian families and elderly. The latest idea of Italian economic minister Giulio Tremonti. Like a pre paid card the state will top up with 40 euros a month. Early birds whom get their card before the end of the year will get the last 3 months of the year added for a total of 120 euros.

Available to :

60-69 year olds with annual earnings not above 6,000 euro

Over 70’s with annual earnings upto 8,000 euros

Families with kids under 3 years old and annual earnings upto 6,000 euros.

Can be used to buy food, pay electricity bills and some shops even give a 5% discount to users.

If you want to apply for one go to your local post office with your modello ISEE ( “in need” document : you get this from either your local INPS, council or CAF offices.)

If you want to buy a property in Italy the social card can not be used

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