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La Valle Brembana : Brembana Valley : Brembo Ski

Just over 1 hours drive north from Bergamo airport BGY (ryanair call it Milan-Bergamo or as it is known locally “Orio al Serio” airport), you can be in the Brembana Valley ski resorts of Foppolo – Carona – San Simone, collectively known as the ski resort “Brembo Ski”.

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Why Brembo Ski ? Its just over an hours drive from BGY. That is it’s the nearest skiing to any Italian airport. It’s already popular with English school trips. Many small apartments ideal for kids groups. A 1970’s resort a bit like Marilleva, was popular but as skiing became more of a lifestyle event rather than intensive skiing they lost their market share to other smarter resorts. There were political problems between the 3 local resorts and they never got it together. Now the local mayors of each town are on the same side and they are re-investing into the infrastructure and have brought serious international investors in to the area.

The Italian group De Benedetti has recently bought out the whole old ski infrastructure and is now committed with local partners to spend over 100million euros in the redevelopment of the area, creating new hotels, new parking, new ski lifts  and new property developments.

Skiing : these slopes are great for beginners & intermediate skiers.

Follows relevant ski local website information for documenting :

Brembo Ski (English links in bottom right hand corner)

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Bergamo Italy italian ski property for sale

Bergamo Italy, Italian ski property.

Interesting write up in the Sunday Times about ski property and that there are signs that people are starting to choose their ski property investment in cities rather than buy a house in a ski resort. But is it a wise choice for your future rental market ?

In Italy the article mentioned Bergamo, Italy as an ideal destination. (or maybe you prefer Cervinia-Valle d’Aosta near the Matterhorn as discussed in The Independent.)

Bergamo is a traditional italian city well known for its 2 principal quarters the high town Bergamo Alta and the low town. See here Bergamo panoramic view or download various Bergamo brochures. Downtown Bergamo city centre is easily reached by flying to Bergamo airport or as it is locally know Milano Orio al Serio with airport code BGY. The airport is 15 minuts from the city centre.

There are many ski resorts within driving distance of Bergamo. View an online brochure of Bergamo ski resorts

1 hour drive due north takes you to the ski resort network of BrembanaSki and the resorts of Foppolo, San Simone, Carona, Piazzatorre, Valtorta and Avaro. The resorts are all located in the Brembana valley, Orobie Pre-Alps.

1 hour drive to north east takes you to the smaller italian ski resorts of Spiazzi di Gromo, Lizzola, Colere, Schilpario, Presolana and Monte Pora all located in the Seriana Valley.

Heading north of Lake Iseo (east of Bergamo) up Val Camonica you also can ski at Monte Campione (1.5 hours) and if you want guaranteed 4 months of winter skiing a 2 hour drive takes you to the ski resort network of AdamelloSki and the resorts of Ponte di Legno, Tonale, Temu and Presena.

So if you are a skier or a snowboarder and like snowboarding or skiing get your, ski, snowboard, skies (or is the plural skis) …don’t forget to check the snow report and ski conditions to ski in Italy.

Remember when choosing to invest in Italy and buy a house in Italy that even though as the article in the Sunday Times suggests that a city property can offer you many alternative lifestyles, that ultimately you may wish to rent property in Italy and that your target market of renters decreases if you are not in a niche market.  The cities are great if you are going to live in your italian property, but if you are going to rent it then i would personally advise you to buy your italian property close to a italian ski resort. Renters don’t want to have to travel more than 2 hours for a day skiing. Buy a property in an italian ski resort and you italian property investment will have a higher return on investment as renters can ski in/out of the italian ski property.

Moss Italian Property Consultants have various ski properties in Italy on our books from cheap italian ski property to luxury italian ski property.

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