Italy Flight airport transport strike cancel

06/09/11 : September 6th 2011 : A general strike by the CGIL union will bring Italy to a stand still today. Best to avoid flying in/out of Italy. Travel trains/buses/flights also cancelled /cancellations. Main italian airport disturbance scheduled from 10:00 – 18:00. The strike is all to do with Italian austerity measures to cut national debt, which is having consequential affects on employee rights, to name 1 of many issues.

Check your airline prior to leaving to the airport to check if  your flight to/from Italy has a cancellation or is cancelled or delayed.


Italy Air transport sector is on strike today 06/05/11 causing delays cancellations and disruption across the italian airports.

Check your airline prior to leaving to ensure your flight to/from Italy is not cancelled or delayed.

Ryanair flight info can be found here Ryanair. Italy.

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