Play Italian Superenalotto : Lottery in Italy

Play Italian Superenalotto

Clicca qui per i risultati del SUPERENALOTTO.


There is now dedicated area of this blog about the Italian Superernalotto with loads more information and lottery results.
If you wish to play the superenalotto in Italy then the latest info is here : How to play Italian Superernalotto.

Unintentionally after writing an article about the Italian Superenalotto, this blog has become a regulary place for you curious lottery players. (what you are not interested in italian property ?? see home page) So i’ve decided to give you what you are after… how to play superenalotto in Italy, the Italian Superenalotto results and how to win millions of Euros in lottery games in Italy.

I will regulary post the winning combination of numbers here in this blog under the category “Italian Superenalotto Lottery Italy”.

Play Italian Superenalotto

If you want to play choose 2 seperate sets of 6 numbers between 1-90 (inclusive) for 5 consecutive italian superenalotto lottery dates. Email them to me. The italian superenalotto lottery takes place on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. The first date your numbers will be played is a minumum 24 hours after i recieve your payment of 10 Euros by PAYPAL (5 games @ 2 euros = 10 Euros). The Italian Superenalotto lottery results will be published here regularly.

Winners i’ve already paid please post a blog…so people know we’re serious. I mean i am an italian property consultant, this just gives an excuse for my secretary to take a walk to the Superenalotto lottery shop in Italy and take a break.

Buona fortuna.

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