Heatwave in Italy

Heatwave in Italy

A heatwave is crossing Italy, originating from Africa. Here in Sicily the southern island of Italy we are the first to get it. Locally called the “scirocco” you know when it arrives. The air stands still, the sun rises and the day bursts into warmth. The city streets remain deserted as people retreat to the indoor air conditioning. The brave tourists roast on the beaches, regularly dipping into the crystal blue seas to chill down, the yachts occasionally bobble in  the calm sea as hosts dive into the water, mostly dressed in the latest swimwear….but only the mad man stays under the sun from 12- 3, when it really does burn. Lunchtime or the midday break is when a lot of people catch up on lost sleep, as they stay up late and start work early when it is much fresher.

The land is dry the occasional bush fires spark up, someone maybe threw a cigarette out of the car window and smoke travels across the countryside as the guardia forestale battle to extinguish the flames. The car tyres squeal on the corners as the tyres and the road heat up. The ice cream parlours with their freezers working overtime, humming in the background, are full of every flavour and colour you could imagine as locals scoop away at their gelato, granita and crema di caffe.

Here in Salemi the hillside Sicilian town the fresh air breezes through the palm trees, the Palermitani retreat from the city centres to the countryside to get some fresh air.

You can feel in the air that it is the start of the Italian holiday period and not much will get done until September…..

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