Caravaggio a Salemi : Notte bianco

Today wednesday 18th March at 5pm in the civic museam of Salemi, Vittorio Sgarbi the mayor of Salemi in South West Sicily with open the official exhibition of the Caraveggio Adoration of the Shephards, which is on loan from the Messina museam.

To celebrate Caravaggio and the dinner offerings to San Giuseppe le cene di San Giuseppe which takes place thursday the 19th the town of Salemi this evening will be holding a Notte Bianco, literally translated “white night” when all the shops, altar displays and exhibitions will remain open till 2am.

There is live music in the S Corleo square and exhibitions aopen all around the town.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Salemi in Sicily this week, we will be reporting back with photos and a blog posting.

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