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Salemi Tibet capital in Italy, Dolma Gyari

Salemi Tibet capital in Italy, Dolma Gyari

Salemi has already been titled the first Tibetan capital in Italy, by Sgarbi. A Tibetan flag flies outside the Salemi council offices.

Recently the Salemi executive Graziano Cecchini held a exhibition of his visit to Tibet.

To highlight the democratic issues in Tibet on April 25th 2009 the deputy of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, Mrs Dolma Gyari, as part of her tour in Italy to promote democratic culture, will attend a press conference in the castle of Salemi at 5pm.

For further details visit the Central Tibetan Administration website.

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В Сицилии продают дома за 1 евро

В Сицилии продают дома за 1 евро

Небольшой городок Салеми в Сицилии придумал революционное решение своих проблем с недвижимостью: власти выставили на продажу дома по цене 1 евро. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sgarbi Salemi Sicily Italy

Sgarbi Salemi

Today saw an article about the mayor of Salemi Sicily in the LA Times. He is an amazing guy that manages to get in the press across the whole world, whilst promoting Salemi Sicily.

You can find further details about Salemi, Sgarbi, Sicily and the 1 euro property development offer here in this blog.

Click on the right the “select postings by category” called “Salemi, Sicily, Italy” to read recent posts OR visit the following website for local information about Salemi.

If you wish to register for one of the 1 euro properties then follow this link Salemi

Interestingly Moss Italian Property Consultants  hosted some clients in Salemi from New York today who viewed many of the 1 euro property in Salemi and other interesting properties in Salemi. They are interested in opening a sicilain culinary school here. If you have any intersting ideas for Salemi we would like to hear from you. Click “EMAIL MIPC” at the top of this page to request more information about Salemi or to send us your business proposals.

MIPC is organising MIPC Discovering Salemi trips for you to come and visit Salemi. Find further details at MIPC Discovering Salemi

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Last Minute Easter in Sicily

Easter in Sicily

Next weekend is Easter. Good Friday 10 April and Easter Sunday falls on 12th April.

Looking for an interesting weekend ?

Why not join MIPC visiting the 1 euro property in Salemi offer. There is a weekend of events to learn all about Discovering Salemi.

Starting on Good Friday through to Easter Sunday in Salemi and then highly recommended is to spend Easter Sunday in Trapani, there is  a spectacular procession…

Read the rest of this entry »

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Discovering Salemi

MIPC Discovering Salemi

MIPC have organised a series of individual weekend trips to help you visit and start Discovering Salemi.

Why not join David from MIPC in Salemi for one of these weekend trips when he will introduce you

to the Salemi town centre, visit the1 euro properties, meet some of the locals, visit the Salemi council

offices and view some other Salemi properties currently on the market.

If a weekend in Sicily is too short then why not take a well deserved break and

book a holiday in Sicily with MIPC and include the

Discovering Salemi in your holliday and property search in Sicily. MIPC have lots of Villas for

rental all across Sicily for your holiday. Email MIPC for further details. Whilst on holiday MIPC

will be available to help you view other properties in Sicily, including the Lo Scopello area

(an up and coming popular tourist destination), Trapani, Tre Fontane, Cefalu, Noto, Sciacca,

Siracusa and many other destinations.

The MIPC Discovering Salemi trips take place over the following dates:

Easter in Salemi, Sicily : 10th April to 12th April

1st MAy to 3rd May

22nd May to 24th May

Goto MIPC Discovering Salemi for further details.

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salemi sicily 1 euro house sicilia Italy

Salemi Sicily Sicilia 1 euro house Italy

Today sunday 3/22/09 the second series of the documentary about Salemi Sicily Italy was transmitted on CBS Sunday Morning.

Salemi 1 euro house Sicily

MIPC the authors of this blog have an office in Salemi in South West Sicily and are here to provide you with all the information you require to help you apply for a 1 euro house in Salemi and buy a property in Sicily Italy.

Read all the postings about Salemi Sicilia by clicking on the right >>>> the link called ” Salemi, Sicily Italy”.

To acquire one of the properties you must first register your interest by completing an online form at Salemi . Then MIPC will register you interest with the Salemi council. This is non binding and simply puts you on the Salemi councils mailing list for future correspondence when the final details of the full application procedures will be issued by the Salemi counil towards the end of April 2009.

The second step is, once registered, is to submit a letter of introduction explaining a little about yourself and why you wish to acquire a sicilian property in Salemi. MIPC will forward you details about the content of this letter of introduction once you have completed step 1.

Further details about Salemi can be found at Salemi

You can view what others are saying about Salemi in Sicily, Italy and post your views at the MIPC Salemi forum

You can click the link “EMAIL MIPC” at the top of this page and email MIPC directly for further information.

MIPC looks forward to hearing from you to assist you in your search for property in Italy and Salemi in Sicily.

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Caravaggio a Salemi : Notte bianco

Today wednesday 18th March at 5pm in the civic museam of Salemi, Vittorio Sgarbi the mayor of Salemi in South West Sicily with open the official exhibition of the Caraveggio Adoration of the Shephards, which is on loan from the Messina museam.

To celebrate Caravaggio and the dinner offerings to San Giuseppe le cene di San Giuseppe which takes place thursday the 19th the town of Salemi this evening will be holding a Notte Bianco, literally translated “white night” when all the shops, altar displays and exhibitions will remain open till 2am.

There is live music in the S Corleo square and exhibitions aopen all around the town.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Salemi in Sicily this week, we will be reporting back with photos and a blog posting.

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Salemi sicily forum

Salemi sicily forum

For those of you who are new to the Salemi regeneration project in Sicily and have many unanswered questions regarding the cheap property in sicily and how to buy a property in Salemi Sicily. MIPC would like to advise you that there is an active MIPC forum where to discuss these issues.

Click through to the MIPC forum and Discuss Salemi

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Salemi sicily apply 1 euro house

Salemi Sicily 1 euro house.

Yesterday further to the transmission on CBS about Salemi Sicily, the MIPC website servers got pretty hot, started smoking and then crashed.

The MIPC web team have been working over night, sorted out the problems and now the MIPC website is back on line.

So now to complete the application for the 1 euro house in Salemi. Click through to Salemi 1 Euro house and submit your details.

Thanks for your patience. Ciao David.

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Salemi Sicily CBS Sunday Morning

Salemi Sicily Sicilia

Following todays program on CBS Sunday morning, we have been unindated with requests for information about Salemi in Sicily. We were on the beach today in Sicily enjoying the sun whilst you have all been reading about Salemi in Sicily. Please be patient, we will ensure we reply to all your requests for information.

Thanks for your continued interest in this exciting Salemi regeneration program. David MIPC

Websites for further information are :

Salemi information

How to apply for a Salemi1 euro house (If this link doesn’t work for you it is because the web servers are experiencing a high volume of hits. If it continues not to work then the servers have crashed. Please subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog and we will annouce when the servers are back up and running for this link so you can return to visit it and apply for the Salemi house. Thanks for your patience.)

Feel free to email (click email mipc at top of this page) for further information or sign up for the salemi newsletter

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