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Pope Palermo

Palermo downtown is closed today Sunday 3 October for an official visit of the Pope Benedict XVI.

Buses into Palermo city centre are free and a map of where you can pick up these buses is here Palermo Pope.

Make sure you get a standing position along Via della Liberta or Via Roma where you should get a glimpse of the Pope in his Popemobile. See the Pope’s route here Pope Palermo.

Click here for further details about Palermo airport PMO .

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Palermo airport PMO open or closed ?

Palermo airport Sicily PMO has been closed all weekend after a Wind Jet airplane over ran the landing strip on Friday. No injuries thankfullly.

Most incoming flights are been diverted to Trapani airport TPS, which is approxiamately 1 hour from Palermo airport PMO. Should you be diverted to TPS there is a Terravision bus from TPS to downtown Palermo railway station, so it shouldn’t really ruin your travel plans. Should you need to get directly to PMO from TPS i would personally advise the best solution to hire a car from TPS a drop it off at PMO. Some car rentals offer hourly shouldn’t cost you more than 40 euros, that’s if your airline fails to provide transfer transport.

Outgoing flights from PMO may have been transferred to TPS for departure. If you cannot get directly to TPS then present yourself at PMO 3 hours before departure as there is a transfer bus to TPS.

As always check with your airline for specific details of your flight.

Click these links for further information about PMO or TPS.

LATEST NEWS: As of today Sunday 26/9/10 PMO airport should be back in full function after 14:00 local time. PMO Palermo airport.

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Mille Miglia : 1000 miles historic car rally Brescia – Rome

1000 miles

1000 miles

Mille Miglia fever has returned to Brescia. The annual historic car race from Brescia to Rome and return to Brescia will be returning this evening to a packed crowd as the leaders start to arrive. I’ve visited the event over many years and it is well worth a visit this evening to see the italian car rally if you are in the area on holiday in Italy in your italian property. This years 2011 race has an interesting line up.

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Italy 150 Giuseppe Garibaldi celebrations.

Italy is celebrating 150 years of unification.

A short history lesson:

The process of the unification of Italy is known as the Italian Risorgimento. Back in 1860 in Italy there 4 states namely the Austrians in Venetia, the Papal States, the new expanded Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. In April 1860, separate insurrections began in Messina and Palermo in Sicily, both of which demonstrated a history of opposing Neapolitan rule. On May 6, 1860, Garibaldi and his cadre of about a thousand Italian “red shirts” volunteers (called I Mille), steamed from Quarto near Genoa, and after a stop in Talamone on May 11 landed near Marsala on the west coast of Sicily to “liberate” southern Italy and Sicily from the centuries old rule of the Bourbon kings from Spain.  Near Salemi, Garibaldi’s army attracted scattered bands of rebels, and the combined forces defeated the opposing army at Calatafimi on May 13. Within three days, the invading force had swelled to 4,000 men. On May 14, Garibaldi proclaimed himself dictator of Sicily, in the name of Victor Emmanuel II of Italy. In less than a month, and against all odds, they had seized Palermo. The defeat of the 20,000-strong Bourbon army in Palermo sent a shiver up the spine of Italy and through the Bourbon monarchy in Naples, setting the stage for the unification of Italy and ultimately leading to the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy (March 17, 1861) in Turin, Piedmonte.

The 150 year celebrations started this May 6th and will conclude next year 2011 with 150 years of the Kingdom of Italy. Even Ferrari has created a special logo which appears as from today on the F10s of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso: the three stripes of the Italian flag placed over the dates 1861>2011 are the symbol of the inter-ministerial committee to celebrate the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Italian Unity.

The head of State, President Giorgio Napolitano, was on the defensive when he travelled to Genoa this week to honour the Thousand. “To celebrate the unity of Italy is not a waste of time or money,” he declared. He urged Italians to show “a stronger sense of Italy and of being Italian”, following the leader of the The Northern League, Umberto Bossi’s comments calling the celebrations “useless things.” The party’s newspaper demanded rhetorically, “The unity of Italy – what’s there to celebrate?” and described the birth of the unitary state as “contrary to nature and history.”

The celebrations will follow the route of Garibaldi. Here in Sicily of particular interest was the THE GARIBALDI TALL SHIPS REGATTA 2010 from Genoa to Trapani.

In Salemi, Napolitano will be visiting on Tuesday 11th May to open the new town hall and new mafia museum which is planned to attract new mafia tourism to Salemi the town of the 1 euro house regeneration project.

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Treviso Airport TSF Venice

Treviso Airport TSF Venice

There are 2 airports near Venice.

The nearest to Venice and the largest of the 2 is the Venice international airport which is called Venezia Marco Polo, airport code VCE, located 15minutes of Mestre, just across the water from Venice to the mainland.

The smaller airport called “Venezia Treviso” that is Treviso airport code TSF is 30 mins north of Venice. This airport is used by the budget airlines like Ryanair.

Please don’t confuse the 2 it could spoil your onward travel to Venice.

Treviso airport TSF Venice Venezia

Actualy  its quite a cute little airport. Well connected to local Italian transport infrastructure.

In the airport:

Arrivals is on the ground floor. There is a good tourist desk, a caffe bar and the car hire firms only. Oh there is also a Cash machine…good.

Departures take the escalator to the first floor, where there is a shop, little restaurant and waiting lounge before security control. Read the rest of this entry »

volcano eruptions iceland flights UK, europe, italy

22/5/11 : Todays eruption of Grimsvotn has only affected flights in Iceland so far.

The text below was posted in April 2010 :

Volcano eruptions in iceland have sent ash into the stratosphere and all flights in/out of the UK are cancelled. Holiday travellers heading for a holiday in Italy should check your airline website to confirm if your flight is leaving. Today Thursday no flights are leaving the UK. Many flight from Italy to the UK have been cancelled. Italian airports are affected by this dust cloud / ash cloud / ash plume. Internal domestic flights in Italy are operating.

Monday 19/4 update : In the UK there is a Cobra meeting to address the international travel issue. All airports in UK closed till tuesday 1pm local time. Ryanair cancelled flights for travel upto wednesday.

If you are travelling America to Italy, go via Rome/Milan, not UK.

Northern Europe airports are all closed. Try to use Spain as your nearest airport to northern europe and then travel onwards by land or sea.

I’m looking at getting the train from Northern England to Sicily. its a 2 day journey….will keep you posted.

Eruzione di un vulcano. Voli per inghilterra cancellato.

Germany to Sicily / Deutschland nach Sizilien

Germany to Sicily / Deutschland nach Sizilien

Easter in Sicily then consider flying AirBerlin to Palermo PMO airport.

There are connecting flights from :

Palma, Nice (Nizza), Zurich, Stuttgart, Cologne (Koln), Dusseldorf, Munster, Sylt, Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin, Munich (Munchen), Salzburg, Vienna (Wien), Malaga, Algier.

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Venice Airport VCE

Venice Airport VCE

There are 2 airports in/near Venice. Please note which you need to return home from as otherwise you may find yourself in the wrong departure lounge :-(

Closest to Venice is the Marco Polo Airport (VCE) , 15 minutes east of Mestre, used by major airlines.

Nearby is Treviso airport (TSF) also referred to as Venice by certain low cost airlines likes Ryanair, which is 30 minutes north east of Venice.

Either is great for visiting Venice. Both are also used for skiing in Italy in the Italian Dolomite ski region for resorts such as Cortina, Arabba, Selva di Cadore, Corvara, Colfosco, Alleghe.

Here is a brief outline about Venice Marco Polo Airport VCE Read the rest of this entry »

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Italian Domestic Flights : Ryanair Italy suspended

Italian Domestic Flights have suspended Italian domestic internal flights in Italy as from 23rd January 2010 due to ENAC lowering the identity requirements for travellers. (click to see Ryanair press release). Some say it is Ryanair taking advantage to cut flights during the low season and in a loss period others agree further to recent international terrorism alerts. Its not clear the date when their Italian domestic flight service will start again so in the short term so what are your alternatives ??

Update 7/01/10: Ryanair italian domestic flights restored Read the rest of this entry »

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Sicily weather New Years eve

sicily beach

sicily beach

Sicily weather 31/12/09. Yesterday a heat wave hit Sicily. Winds coming from Africa locally known as the scirocco raised temperatures to 25’C. Arriving from England i was happy to take off my scarf, coat and gloves. People were seen on the beach sunbathing in Mondello, Palermo and for tonight’s New Year’s Eve celebrations in Sicily locals are planning their last 2009 and first swim of the new year 2010 with several parties on the beach. Makes a fresh change to all that snow and ice in northern Europe !! Happy New Year !!! Now you know why people buy a holiday property in Sicily.

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