Italian Superenalotto italy

Italian superenalotto fever is back in Italy as the jackpot for the national lottery hits over 120million euros. With tickets in Italy costing 1 euro to play 2 combinations of 6 numbers from 1-90 its pretty cheap to play, but the odds of striking the italy lotto jackpot are high. If you want to take part from abroad read here how to play superenalotto italy and check here for the italian superenalotto results . Buona fortuna.

The odds of being able to win the jackpot by matching all six numbers are 1: 622,614,630!
* The odds of matching five numbers including the ‘Jolly number’ are 1:103,769,105.
* The odds of matching any five numbers are 1:1,235,346
* The odds of matching any four numbers are 1:11,907
* The odds of matching any three numbers are 1: 327

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