George Clooney play italian superenalotto

You too can PLAY the superenalotto in Italy follow this link to read how Superenalotto.

George Clooney was spotted in Como with his girlfriend Canalis at an official italian superenalotto game shop. Apparently he bought 1000 sisal lottery tickets and Miss Canalis played 500 lotto in italy games for a total spend of 1500 euros. Rumours state they will donate any italian superenalotto jackpot winnings to Haiti. Today the lottery jackpot in Italy is over 130 million euros !!!! Click here for the latest italian lottery results
You too can PLAY superenalotto in Italy follow this link to Superenalotto.

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    Mike Lotto // March 16th, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Hi, love your blog, I’ve discovered it last week and read it these past few days, but I have a problem with your RSS feed. It throws out an error when I click on it. Maybe other people have the same problem, so can you tell us if anything special needs to be done or just clicking on the RSS feed buttin should do the job?

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